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SBI PO 2017 Interview Experience by Sagar Shegokar

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Hi, My name is Sagar. My interview venue was SBI LHO, Mumbai.  I reached the venue at 7:30. They took us in for documents verification at 8:00 am.

There they verified our documents (please bring 4 photocopies of Bio-data form and all mark-sheets should be self-attested) After that they did our biometrics. Then a ma’m took us to the GD room.

IBPS PO V Interview ExperienceIn the GD room there were two male moderators. They congratulate us on getting so far in the selection process, after they explained the rules of GD.

The GD topic of my panel was: ‘Should India adopt cashless economy?’

We were given 5 minutes to write our points and after that they started the Group Discussion. We had a healthy discussion with candidates speaking randomly but everyone got atleast three chances to speak.

After that there was Prioritization Discussion under Group Exercise.

Meetings and appointmentsDemands of superior and consumerDiscussion on strategyProblem resolution and firefighting.Reading irrelevant novelsChating and social mediaFrequent tea and cigarette breaks Creating and designing projects.

First 5 minutes were given to prioritize individually. Then everyone spoke about why they chose/prioritized the given quality as first priority and so on. We had to reach a group consensus. After that the moderators asked us to put writing pad and sheet on the table.


A sir took us to interview room. My number was 3. I was called in at my turn.

I knocked the door and asked for permission to enter the room.

There were 3 males and 2 Female members in the Interview Panel.

M1 asked me to come in.

Me: Good morning Everyone.

All: Good morning take your seat.

Me: Thank you.

M1: Recent hydrogen bomb blast?

Me:  unaware about this😢

M1: Recent Pm visit to other countries?

Me: China and Myanmar

M1: what is Long form of Bricks?

Me: Told

M1: Purpose of Bricks?

ME: To help and support each other( means I already mentioned the countries)

M1: So you are engineer?

Me: Yes sir

M1: Why banking then ?

Me: Answerd(they were Satisfied and no counter question on this)

He waved toward F1 then.

F1: Which mechanical subject was there in your electrical engineering?

Me: One was there in first year Mechanics

F1: How induction motor works?

Me: Some how managed to answer

M2: your hobby is sketching and chess, so which type of sketch you draw

Me: I like sketching portraites.

M2: Why we need hobby?

Me: Answered ( I feel this was good answer 😅)

M3: What you are doing now?

Me : Preparing for competitive exams mainly banking.

M3 : Where you are preparing for these exams?

Me: told

M3: Are you planning for any other exams like Upsc and mpsc?

Me: No, Sir frankly speaking I am not planning for these exams I want to play leadership role in SBI itself and infact I will focus on my promotion in SBI only.(All were smiling and me too😁😁)

F2: (With broad smile) what are the qualities of leadership?

Me: Answered ( I was knowing this)

M2: Have you played any leadership role?

Me: Yes, and Answered.

All: Thank you, All the best.

ME: THANK YOU and have a good day everyone.
(I felt interview was too short around 6-7 min but still I am hoping for positive result let’s see. )
They gave us some refreshments, and then I left the premises.

Overall GD/PI was good. Hoping for the best!