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Russia for the 1st Time Successfully Conducted Flight Tests of the MGTD-20 Gas Turbine Engine made by 3D-printing

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Russia-successfully-holds-flight-test-of-3D-printed-aircraft-engineThe Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects in the Defense Industry informed that Russia for the first time conducted a successful flight test of the MGTD-20 gas turbine engine made by 3D-printing. The flight tests were held at Kazalbash aviation center in Tatarstan. The production of the aircraft is scheduled on 2021-2022.

Key Info

i.The power plant with a thrust of 22 kilogram-force(kgf) was developed within the framework of a joint project of the Fund for Advanced Research and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “VIAM” State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation with the participation of JSC NPO OKB im. M.P. Simonov. 

ii.A technology has been created within the framework of the project for manufacturing the parts of  MGTD and gas turbine plant for industrial use. 

iii.The method of layer-by-layer laser fusion using metal-powder compositions of heat-resistant and aluminum alloys is used for industrial use. 

iv.With the new technology, the production time of the main engine elements has been reduced by 20 times and the cost of their production has been reduced by more than two times.

Note– The bench tests of small-sized gas turbine aircraft engines made using 3D printing technology was successful in December 2019

Russia’s new Mi-8AMTSh-VN attack helicopter being flight tested

The Russian Helicopters manufacturing company(part of Rostec corporation) informed that Russia’s new Mi-8AMTSh-VN attack transport helicopter is being tested. The first phase of the tests is to be completed in November. After the test, two new vehicles of this type will also be tested.

Key Info

The combat capabilities of the helicopter were boosted with the introduction of high-altitude increased-power engines, a new supporting system, expanded composition of weapons and enhanced protection.

About Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects in the Defense Industry
Headquarters– Moscow, Russia
CEO & Chairman of the Board– Grigoriev Andrey Ivanovich

About Russian Helicopters
Headquarters– Moscow, Russia
Director General– Andrey Boginsky

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