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The Rise of Environmental Crime Report released by UNEP and INTERPOL

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The Environmental crime extended largely upto 26% from the previous record in 2014

The World’s Fourth largest committed crime is the Environmental crime

i. Human trafficking ii. Counterfeiting iii. Drug smuggling

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) joined hands with INTERPOL spreading awareness about the Environmental Crimes

Categorization of Crimes:UNEP

  • Illegal padding in wildlife
  • Smuggling of hazardous waste and carbon credit fraud
  • Black marketing in the sale of gold and other minerals
  • Corporate crime in the forestry sector
  • Illegal exploitation and fisheries

Statements of Report:

  • Notified by the flawed law structure and inferior security services leads to the way for environmental related crimes
  • These atrocities broadly affect the ecosystem in forests leads to the extinction of endangered species
  • The value worth of US$3 billion traded annually by through black marketing and illegal trades
  • Environmental crime is being grown at an alarming pace said by INTERPOL
  • The most endangered species including Rhinos and elephants were killed at growth rate of 25% over the last 10 years and about 3000 elephants were killed in Tanzania every year.
  • In an everyday life 10 elephants were losing their lives because of poaching
  • Trafficking and smuggling of ivory to Asia which is used for decorative ornaments in high demand

Action to be taken:                                                      

The report requested the Government in National and International levels that the serious actions are made to control such crimes

INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization):

  • An intergovernmental organization facilitating international police cooperation
  • Formed – 7 September 1923
  • Headquarters – Lyon, France
  • President – Mireille Ballestrazzi
  • Secretary General – Jürgen Stock