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National Newborn Week 2021 – November 15 – 21

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National Newborn Week 2021

National Newborn Week is annually observed across India from 15th to 21st November to highlight the importance of newborn health as a vital area of the health sector and about the importance of the newborn case for child survival and development

The theme of National Newborn Week 2021 is “Safety, Quality and nurturing Case-Birth Right of every newborn”. 

  • The theme aims to ensure that every newborn is supported with quality health care at all service delivery platforms such as facility, community outreach and homes.


The reduction of newborn mortality rate and the week-long observance dedicated to creating awareness about newborn health was conceptualised by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Importance of newborn care:

i.The first 28 days of life (neonatal period) is the crucial period for the child’s survival since this period carries the highest risk of deaths per day than any other period during childhood.

ii.The first few months of life which is also known as the foundational period for health and development.

iii.Healthy children will grow into healthy adults and contribute to the communities and societies.

Child mortality in India:

i.With the birth of 25 million children each year, India accounts for nearly one-fifth of the world’s annual childbirths

ii.Around 46% of all maternal deaths and 40% of neonatal deaths happen during labour or the first 24 hours after birth.

iii.In India, around 3.5 million babies are born too early, 1.7 million babies are born with birth defects, and 1million new-borns are discharged each year from Special New-born Care Units (SNCUs).

Cause of newborn deaths:

  • pre-maturity/preterm
  • neonatal infections
  • intra-partum related complications/ birth asphyxia
  • congenital malformations