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Nation celebrates 162nd year of dedicated services from Indian Railways

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The Indian Railways completes 162 years in service of the nation today. It also marks the anniversary of the first train-service between Mumbai and Thane-city, which was launched in the British-period in 1853.

The ministry-of-railways showed lot of enthusiasm in commemorating the anniversary. It has issued interesting photographs collection from the historical-archives. The photographs are marked as “162-years of Indian-Railways”


  • The first train had 3-steam engines which were named Sahib, Sultan and Sindh. The train-journey had lasted for 57-minutes and covered a distance of 21-miles.
  • The Indian-Railways is one of the largest networks of rails-transport-routes in the world. The network has 17-railway-zones. It is completely owned by the Government of India and run through the ministry-of-railways as the main parent organization.
  • The whole-network covers over 1, 15,000-Kms and still growing & expanding.
  • During the fiscal-year 2014-15, the organization earned revenue of more than 1600-Billion Indian-Rupees.