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Descriptive Writing – Letter Writing For SBI PO & BOB PO set 2

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Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your concern regarding ill- effects of constant exposure to loud sound and music among children and youth.

18, Shankar Market
New Delhi
14th July , 2018

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi

Subject – Ill- effects of constant exposure to loud sound and music among children and youth

Sir ,

I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities towards increasing problem of loud sound and music among children and youth. It is causing great damage to the health of these growing children. It leads to irritation, loss of sleep, rest and peace.  Frequent loud noise in the form of loud sound and music affects the working efficiency of the the youth . Persistently hearing music at such high volumes may even lead to loss of sense of hearing.

Such an increase among children and youth towards listening music at high volume is a big threat , if it is allowed to go unchecked it may rob them of their hearing capacity. Increasing number of vehicles on the roads, rising growth of factories, construction work, loudspeakers used on various occasions  are various factors responsible for such noise pollution . Noise control laws are openly violated.

It is the time that the authorities should awake against this apprehending danger. They should strictly enforce the noise control laws. The noise producing factories located in the residential areas should be shifted to far-off places without any delay. The use of loudspeaker should be stopped after specific time. Also , there should be awareness created among the youth regarding listening to loud music. It must be made aware to them that loud music played on headphones damages the nerves in the brain.

The adolescents should be duly explained the ill effects which are caused due to such exposure of loud music. The enduring use of headphones or music in pubs and bars takes away the hearing capacity. It also causes headaches , bad temper which in turn affects their working capability. Instead they should be physically active and get engrossed in activities which makes them healthy and fit rather than laying on bed listening to music.

By addressing this issue, I hope that the awareness towards the the ill effects of constant exposure towards loud music and sound among children and youth will be created. Also , it will make the parents aware as well .

Yours faithfully