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USCC-GIPC’s International IP Index 2022 – India Ranked 43rd; US Tops

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India’s overall ranking on IP protection improvesOn 24th February 2022 Global Innovation Policy Centre (GIPC) of United States Chambers of Commerce (USCC) released the 10th edition of International Intellectual Property (IIP) Index, ‘Compete for Tomorrow’(IIP Index 2022). India has ranked 43 out of 55 countries on the 2022 IIP Index.

  • The Index is topped by the US with 95.48 percent followed by the United Kingdom (UK) with 94.14 percent and third position is occupied by Germany with 92.46 percent.45 economies improved their overall score in this 10th edition.

Top 3 Countries:

1United States (US)95.48 %
2United Kingdom (UK)94.14 %
3Germany92.46 %

Key Findings of the report:

India’s Score:

i.India’s overall score has increased from 38.40 percent (19.20 out of 50) in the ninth edition to 38.64 percent (19.32 out of 50) in the 10th edition.

ii.India ranked 12th in Asia Region.Japan topped in the Asia Region.

iii.In July 2021, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce released a Review of the IP Rights Regime in India which is a comprehensive and detailed study of the strengths and weaknesses of India’s national IP environment, the report said.

Other economies:

iUnited Arab Emirates (UAE), Nigeria, and Peru which showed a large improvement in score at 4.04 percent, 3.91 percent, and 2.76 percent, respectively.

ii.Economies of all levels of development including the European Union, UK, India, Singapore, Russia, and India have utilised injunctive-style relief to disable access to infringing content which has resulted in a real decrease in piracy.

About the Index:

i.The Index evaluates Intellectual Property (IP) rights across 55 global economies – from patent and copyright policies to commercialization of IP assets and ratification of international treaties.

  • The Index consists of 50 indicators across nine separate categories:i Patents, Related Rights, and Limitations; ii. Copyrights, Related Rights, and Limitations; iii. Trademarks, Related Rights, and Limitations; iv. Design Rights, Related Rights, and Limitations; v. Trade Secrets and the Protection of Confidential Information; vi.Commercialization of IP Assets and Market Access; vii. Enforcement; viii.Systemic Efficiency; ix.Membership and Ratification of International Treaties.

ii.Since the inaugural edition of the IP Index, the average score of economies has increased by 1.50 percent from 55.72 percent in 2012 to 57.22 percent in 2022.

Recent related news:

India’s rank in Global Innovation Index (GII) 2021 by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) improved by two spots to 46th from 48th in GII 2020. India entered into the group of top 50 countries in GII for the 1st time.

About US Chamber of Commerce (USCC):

President and CEO – Suzanne Clark
Headquarters – Washington, D.C, United States (US)