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India climbs to 8th spot in Climate Change Performance Index 2023; Denmark achieved Best Spot of 4th

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India rises two spots to 8th in climate change performance indexOn November 14, 2022, the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2023 released which was published by three environmental non-governmental organizations viz. Germanwatch, NewClimate Institute and the Climate Action Network (CAN) International. In this, India climbed two spots to bag 8th position out of 63 with a score of 67.35, and achieved ‘High’ performance rating.

  • India earns a ‘High’ performance rating in the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Emissions with a score of 29.69; and Energy Use (16.03).
  • However, in the Climate Policy and Renewable Energy category, it received the ‘Medium High’ rating with 13.85, and 7.77 scores respectively.

Basis of Assessment:

CCPI tracks climate performance of the European Union (EU) and 59 countries, which together account for over 92% GHG emissions in the world. The climate protection performance is assessed in the following four categories, consisting of 14 indicators:

i.GHG Emissions (40% Weightage)

ii.Renewable Energy (20% Weightage)

iii.Energy Use (20% Weightage)

iv.Climate Policy (20% Weightage)

The Frontrunners:

It should be noted that the index places no country on the first 3 positions which provides very high rating overall. No country is performed as per the compatibility with these positions. In categories ranking also, there are no first positions.

  • In this regard, the CCPI 2023 is topped by Denmark with High rating but overall it is ranked at 4th It is followed by Sweden and Chile at 5th and 6th position respectively.

Table showing ranking of frontrunners and India

RankCountryOverall Scores
4 (Top)Denmark79.61
63 (Last)Iran18.77

Key Highlights:

i.Denmark got the best spot of 4th in all the four categories of  the index.

ii.India’s ranking in categories: In GHGs, it ranked 9th, Renewable Energy (24th), and Energy Use (9th), and on Climate Policy (8th).

iii.It should be noted that India ranked at top in the grouping of top 10 emitters. It is followed by Germany and Japan at 2nd and 3rd positions of this grouping.

iv.India is also among the biggest producers of oil, gas, and coal worldwide.

v.Denmark is the only country with a ‘high’ national and even ‘very high’ rated international climate policy.

vi.The worst performers in the overall ranking are Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan. They are particularly weak in renewables and heavily reliant on oil.

vii.Saudi Arabia is the country with the highest per capita GHG emissions among the G20 nations.

What does the index say about India?

i.In CCPI 2022, and CCPI 2021, India stood at 10th position. It is on track to meet its 2030 emissions targets (compatible with a well-below-2°C scenario). However, the renewable energy target is not on track for the 2030 target.

ii.India is among the nine countries responsible for 90% of global coal production

iii.India has updated its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and announced a net-zero target for 2070.

iv.The carbon pricing mechanism and concrete action plans for achieving the targets are still missing.

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About CCPI:

Published annually since 2005, CCPI is a monitoring tool of countries’ climate protection performance. It creates transparency in climate policy, makes it possible to compare climate protection efforts, and progress.

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About Denmark:

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