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IBPS Clerk Main: English Day 10

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Hello Aspirants, Welcome to Online English Section in We are starting IBPS Clerk course 2015 and we are creating sample questions in Antonyms, type of which will be asked in IBPS Clerk Main Exam!!!


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  1. Wastrel
    a. sober
    b. spendthrift
    c. mute
    d. miser
    d. a wastrel is someone who spends foolishly or self-indulgently; a miser is someone who hoards his or her wealth

  2. Temperate
    a. Celsius
    b. inordinate
    c. lukewarm
    d. safely
    b. temperate means moderate; inordinate means excessive or immoderate

  3. Nebulous
    a. cloudy
    b. dim
    c. distinct
    d. desirable
    c. nebulous means vague or indistinct, therefore distinct is the opposite

  4. Adroit
    a. clumsy
    b. left
    c. diplomatic
    d. unpersuasive
    a. adroit means skillful in the use of the hands, therefore clumsy is the opposite

  5. Mite
    a. weakness
    b. tend
    c. bulk
    d. drive
    c. mite means a very small or insignificant part; bulk means the main or greater part

  6. Supernal
    a. nocturnal
    b. special
    c. despicable
    d. hellish
    d. supernal means coming from on high, or heavenly; infernal is a synonym for hellish

  7. Reprobate
    a. sage
    b. elevated
    c. possess
    d. dismiss
    b. reprobate means morally debased or depraved; one meaning of elevated is to be on a moral or intellectual high plane

  8. Specious
    a. genuine
    b. logical
    c. common
    d. deliberate
    a. specious means having a false look of truth or genuineness, therefore genuine is the opposite

  9. Effete
    a. conquer
    b. proper
    c. prosperous
    d. civilized
    b. effete means weak or decadent; one meaning of proper is virtuous or respectable

  10. Rabble
    a. order
    b. clear
    c. open
    d. union
    d. a rabble is a disorderly or disorganized crowd of people; a union is a group of individuals joined in an organized manner