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Government of India launches “Twitter Samvad” for direct communication between Government and citizens.

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The Government of India launched Twitter Samvad, a new platform to facilitate direct communication between leaders and citizens. It is launched in association with social networking service Twitter. The Twitter Samvad is based on the platform provided by ZipDial, which is an Indian company recently acquired by Twitter, making this the company’s first Indian service launched using indigenous technology.

Rishi Jaitly, Twitter’s Market Director for India and Southeast Asia, said: “We are proud to have launched a service here that is for the people and of the people. This can eventually give every political leader and every government organization a mobile microphone to connect with each Indian, whether in Imphal or in Diu or in Leh or in Pudducherry.”

Advantages of Twitter Samvad

  • Through Twitter Samvad, the government bodies can have a direct communication with citizens on a daily basis via Tweets and SMS on their mobile devices.
  • Through Twitter Samvad, everyday a set of curated Tweets will be delivered from the government and leaders’ accounts to mobile users across the country as SMS.
  • Updates on government services, policies and activities can be delivered to any user with a mobile device signed up for the service with each of the 16 launch partners.
  • Anyone with a mobile phone, with our without a data plan, can register for the service by giving a missed call to a unique number for each of the partners.