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General Awareness and Computers Questions Asked in SIDBI Officer Grade A

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Dear Aspirants,

These are the questions which were asked in SIDBI Officer Grade A exam in different shifts held on January 24, 2016. 

General Awareness

1. 103rd National Science Congress held in? Mysore
2. Shikha Sharma related to? Axis Bank
3. Buxa National Park? West Bengal
4. Currency of Greece? Euro
5. Prague is the capital and the largest city of?  Czech Republic
6. In NACH, C stands for? Clearing
7. Bandhan is which type of bank? Scheduled Commercial Bank
8. Standup India Scheme is for? Women Entrepreneurs
9. Indpay app related to which bank?  Indian Bank
10. Which of the following is Public Sector Bank?  Bharatiya Mahila Bank
11. GOI to spend 50,000 crore for Agriculture? PMKSY
12. Bajarang Kumar is related to whichs ports? Wrestling
13. E – Motor Insurance policy -“E Vahana” is started by? Telangana
14. Kodaikanal located in which state? TamilNadu
15. ONGC won 26th lal bahudur sastri hockey tournament against? Indian Railways
16. BHEL commissions Praygraj Thermal power plant recently in? Uttar Pradesh
17. January 9 is observed as?  Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas
18. Kerala based bank? Federal Bank
19. Pinaka II developed by? India
20. Gold Monetization scheme replaces which scheme? Gold Deposit scheme 1999
22. India Won South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) against defending Champions? Afghanisthan
23. Mortgage loans Housing finance is the sole property of? NHB
24. Arhendu Bhushan Bardhan Passed Away ( Jan 2016 ) veteran? Political Leader
25. Open E Wallet to make transactions on Pos,E-commerce Issued by?  Banks
26. Committee on BCCI reforms headed by Former Supreme Court Head?  RM Lodha
27. Citibank India Headquarters? Mumbai
28. RBI asked banks to open branches in villages doesn’t contain banks population more than? 5000
29. RBI Calculating interset rates wef April 1,2016 based on? Mariginal Cost Funds
30. RBI Imposed penalty on State Bank of Travancore for violation of its instructions including reporting of data? Central Repository of Information on Large Credits (CRILC)
31. Mudra Card Enables Entrepreneurs to facilitate which type of loan? Working Capital Loan
32. RBI announces Banks to fix interest for which scheme Among options? Gold Schemes
33. Paytm acquires Sifu for — $8 Milloin
34. BHEL commissions 660 MW in Praygraj Thermal power plant recently in? Uttar Pradesh
35. After 27 years India Started Bus service from Champavat District Utharakand to? Nepal
36. RBI increased priority sector lending target to RRB? 75%
37. World Bank Announces India Growth rate for 2016-17? 7.8%
38. Concept of Account to Account instant funds transfer to bank accounts (24 * 7) without Holidays including Sundays? IMPS
39. Which of the following is not a function of payments bank? lending activities
40. Small finance bank can give loans upto? 25 lakhs
41. Small finance banks maximum loan size in Capital funds to single borrower not more than? 10 Percent
42. H.D Dewa Gowda member of the 16th Lok Sabha representing? Hassan constituency of Karnataka
42. Patnitop hills in which state? Udhampur district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir
43. Bank Board Bureau is to be headed by whom? Secretary, department of financial services
44. Canara Bank head office in which state? Karnataka
45. Max loan a person can take from two micro- financing agencies?
46. Bankers magazine published by whom who gave Raghuram Rajan Banker of the Year award?  by the Financial Times Group’s monthly publication ‘The Banker’.
47. Fullform of BSBDA? Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
48. Currency of Austria? EURO
49. New India bank merged with? Punjab National Bank
50. Smart vault launched by which bank? ICICI
51. Which agency bank report to for suspicious transaction? Financial Intelligence Unit
52. Warrangal district in which state? Telangana
53. Pro- wrestling league won by whom? Mumbai Garuda


1. ANSI is the short form for? American National Standards Institute
2. 1024 KB = 1MB
3. Correct flow of Data?  Input-Process-Output-Storage
4. Which of the following is the smallest unit of data out of Byte, KB, MB, GB, TB?  Byte
5. When you save a document, it gets stored on?  Hard Disk
6. Word processing, Presentation are examples of?  Application Software
7. Which are used to determine the type of files?  File extensions.
8. Which of the following is not a hardware out of Printer, CPU, Mouse, Monitor, Operating System? Operating System
9. Which Protocol supports linking from one web page to another web page? HTTP
10. Which sends and receives data over the phone line? Modem
11. Among options which is primary number? 101
12. Changing Windows 8 OS to Windows 10 known as? Upgrading
13. Process of Finding Errors and Correcting Known as?  Debugging
14. Error in a program? Bug
15. Linux is an? Operating System
16. In Email id, User name is separated by?  @
17. Among Options which is not memory device?  Printer
18. Which protocol used by Clicking the link open another website? HTTP
19. Which device send digital data to computer? Modem
20. Potrait in Ms Word is called? Orientation
21. Chip is nickname of? Integrated Circuit
22. Microprocessor speed measured in? GigaHertz