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English Questions – Vocabulary set 126

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are providing some difficult words from editorials, which is important for IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other !!!

1. Gimmick – नौटंकी

Meaning – a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or trade.

Synonyms – publicity device, stunt, contrivance, eye-catching novelty, scheme, trick, dodge, ploy, stratagem; loss-leader; informalshtick.

Usage – “it is not so much a programme to improve services as a gimmick to gain votes”

2. Shackle – बेड़ी

Meaning – a pair of fetters connected together by a chain, used to fasten a prisoner’s wrists or ankles together.

Synonyms – chains, fetters, irons, leg irons, manacles, handcuffs; bonds, tethers, ropes, restraints; informalcuffs, bracelets; archaicdarbies, gyves, bilboes

Usage – “the men filed through their shackles and made a desperate bid for freedom”

3. Prevail – प्रबल

Meaning – prove more powerful or superior.

Synonyms – win, win out, win through, triumph, be victorious, be the victor, gain the victory, carry the day, carry all before one, finish first, come out ahead, come out on top, succeed, prove superior, conquer, overcome, gain/achieve mastery, gain ascendancy; take the crown, gain the palm, rule, reign.

Usage – “it is hard for logic to prevail over emotion”

4. Rebuke –  फटकार

Meaning – express sharp disapproval or criticism of (someone) because of their behaviour or actions.

Synonyms – reprimand, reproach, scold, admonish, reprove, remonstrate with, chastise, chide, upbraid, berate, take to task, pull up, castigate, lambaste, read someone the Riot Act, give someone a piece of one’s mind.

Usage – “she had rebuked him for drinking too much”

5. loftiest – बुलंद

Meaning – of imposing height.

Synonyms – tall, high, giant, towering, soaring, sky-high, sky-scraping; imposing, magnificent, majestic.

Usage – “the elegant square was shaded by lofty palms”

6. Truce – युद्धविराम संधि

Meaning – an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time.

Synonyms – ceasefire, armistice, suspension of hostilities, cessation of hostilities, peace; break, respite, lull, moratorium; treaty, peace treaty; informallet-up.

Usage – “the guerrillas called a three-day truce”

7. Mollify – शमन करना

Synonyms – appease, placate, pacify, conciliate, humour, soothe, calm, calm down, still, quieten, propitiate; square someone off.

Usage – “nature reserves were set up around the power stations to mollify local conservationists”

8. Accustomed – आदी

Meaning – customary; usual.

Synonyms – customary, usual, normal, habitual, familiar, regular, routine, ordinary, typical, traditional, conventional, established, common, general, standard, prevailing, confirmed, fixed, set, settled, stock; literarywonted.

Usage – “the money would not have kept Nicholas in his accustomed lifestyle”

9. Scant – अल्प

Meaning – barely sufficient or adequate.

Synonyms – little, little or no, minimal, hardly any, limited, negligible, barely sufficient, meagre; insufficient, too little, not enough, inadequate, deficient; rareexiguous.

Usage – “companies with scant regard for the safety of future generations”

10. Anguish – पीड़ा

Meaning – severe mental or physical pain or suffering.

Synonyms – agony, pain, torment, torture, suffering, distress, angst, misery, sorrow, grief, heartache, heartbreak, wretchedness, unhappiness, woe, desolation, despair; the dark night of the soul, purgatory, hell on earth; literarydolour.

Usage – “she shut her eyes in anguish”