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English Questions: Sentence utilisation fillers Set – 6

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Hello Aspirants.

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation Here we are creating question sample in Word Usage, which is BASED ON NEW PATTERN which have been asked in many banking exams recently.

In each of the following sentences, there is a blank space, followed by some choices of words given in options. You have to determine which of these words fits well in all, or the maximum number of sentences. If none of these words fits well, mark your answer as none of these.

  1. A. Earlier experiments were____________ on a larger scale.
    B. Steele had been invited to____________ his work in a scientific environment.
    C. The ladies’ final was a ____________ of the previous year’s fixture.

    1) tantrum
    4) repeat
    5) aboriginal

    Answer : 4)
    Explanation: repeated/ repeat – say again something one has already said.

  2. A. More than 300 graves were____________.
    B. Invaders ____________ the temple.
    C. Many lanes are ____________ with yellow lines.

    1) archetypal
    2) desecrated
    3) consecrate
    5) fault

    Answer : 2)
    Explanation: desecrated – treat (a sacred place or thing) with violent disrespect.

  3. A. Much to my____________, Chris fell asleep.
    B. I realize my presence here is an ____________ for you.
    C. Some chemicals cause a direct____________ to the skin leading to dermatitis.

    1) smear
    2) irritation
    3) authentic
    4) sanctify
    5) rudimental

    Answer : 2)
    Explanation: irritation – the state of feeling annoyed, impatient, or slightly angry.

  4. A. The farmer’s ____________ was that he intended only to wound the thief.
    B. The ____________ requested more time to prepare their case.
    C. Despite heavy pressure the____________ was coping well.

    1) verification
    2) autochthonous
    3) closed
    4) primordial
    5) defense

    Answer : 5)
    Explanation: defence – the action of defending from or resisting attack.

  5. A. We were ____________ by the success of this venture.
    B. The intention is to ____________ new writing talent.
    C. The players were ____________ by the crowd’s response.

    1) inceptive
    2) agreeability
    3) encourage
    4) pioneer
    5) reconcilement

    Answer : 3)
    Explanation: encouraged/ encourage – give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).

  6. A. Brenda was forced to____________ Robbie’s whereabouts.
    B. The clouds were breaking up to____________ a clear blue sky.
    C. The big ____________ at the end of the movie answers all questions.

    1) pristine
    2) prototypal
    3) corroboration
    4) contentment
    5) reveal

    Answer : 5)
    Explanation: reveal – make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others.

  7. A. She photographed the peacock, which chose that moment to ____________.
    B. Every clansman was determined to outdo the Campbells in ____________.
    C. The user may wish to see the previous few words as handwriting before the____________ changes.

    1) calmness
    2) infant
    3) display
    4) show

    Answer : 3)
    Explanation: display – put (something) in a prominent place in order that it may readily be seen.

  8. A. His anger is masked by a____________ that all is well.
    B. He abducted the queen on the____________ of seeking to protect her.
    C. She herself had long since dropped any ____________ to faith.

    1) confirmation
    2) spitting
    3) guarded
    4) pretence
    5) protected

    Answer : 4)
    Explanation: pretence – an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true.

  9. A. Their press ads had a headline ____________ out of the illustration.
    B. The trend appears to be going in the ____________ direction.
    C. His touchdown came after he had scampered 58 yards on a____________ with McMahon.

    1) concession
    2) reverse
    3) indistinguishable
    4) corresponding
    5) approval

    Answer : 2)
    Explanation: reversed/ reverse – move backwards.

  10. A. The proposed new system suffers from a set of internal ____________.
    B. The paradox of using force to overcome force is a real ____________.
    C. The second sentence appears to be a flat____________ of the first.

    1) duplicate
    2) equivalent
    3) selfsame
    4) acceptance
    5) contradiction

    Answer : 5)
    Explanation: contradictions/ contradiction – a combination of statements, ideas, or features which are opposed to one another.