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English Questions: Fill in the Blanks Set – 25

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in FILL IN THE BLANK, which is BASED ON IBPS PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.

  1. Children under the age of 14 are currently banned from working in________industries but the government proposes to drastically reduce the number of industries considered hazardous from 83 to 3.
    1) hazardous
    2) Conflict
    3) Reckon
    4) cognizant
    Answer – 1)
    Explanation: hazardous – unsafe, असुरक्षित

  2. The truth is that a number of these industries rely on the small________fingers of children and perpetuate a system that thrives on bonded labour, or at best very poor wages.
    1) detest
    2) loathe
    3) dumb
    4) nimble
    Answer – 4)
    Explanation: nimble – active, सक्रिय

  3. All constitutional posts except those________to the higher judiciary do not have any educational qualification to hold the post.
    1) apparently
    2) pertaining
    3) stranger
    4) vouch
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation: pertaining – related, सबंधित

  4. The Supreme Court adopted a________logic while upholding these disqualifications.
    1) enforcement
    2) forceful
    3) coercive
    4) peculiar
    Answer – 4) 
    Explanation: peculiar – strange ,अजीब 

  5. The object sought to be achieved cannot be said to be irrational or_______or unconnected with the scheme and purpose of the Act or provisions of Part IX of the Constitution”.
    1) mob
    2) flawed
    3) felonious
    4) absurd
    Answer – 3)
    Explanation: felonious – illegal,  अवैध

  6. The law made by Haryana is really anti-poor, anti-Dalit and pro-rich and if enforced will create_______.
    1) mercenary
    2) oligarchies
    3) pseudonyms
    4) crowd
    Answer – 2) 
    Explanation: oligarchies – political system governed by few people,  अल्पतंत्र

  7. Strange is the logic of disqualifying persons in_______to electricity boards and cooperative societies.
    1) redress
    2) bias
    3) afflicts
    4) arrears
    Answer – 4) 
    Explanation: arrears – unpaid, बकाया 

  8. The BJP-ruled States are experimenting with the Panchayat laws to make them_______political institutions.
    1) elitist
    2) hazy
    3) tepid
    4) regime
    Answer – 1) 
    Explanation: elitist – specific, विशिष्ट 

  9. India was among the few countries that stood by Japan as it expressed_______, nursed its wounds, and sought to rebuild after the Second World War.
    1) amid
    2) remorse
    3) resurgence
    4) consequence
    Answer – 2)
    Explanation: remorse – regret,  पश्चताप

  10. She has achieved something which is positive and complete… Such a civilisation has the gift of immortality; for it does not offend against the laws of creation and is not _______by all the forces of nature.
    1) forthright
    2) concerted
    3) assailed
    4) persisting
    Answer – 3)
    Explanation: assailed – attack, हमला