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English Grammar : Adverb part – 2

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important Part of English Language, here we will discuss about Adjectives and its Usages, Which is very important for all Competitive Exams!!!

English Grammar : Adverb part – 1

5. Adverb of Degree and quality – They are the adverbs which tell us how much or in what degree or to what extent.

Examples – very, quite, rather, enough, any, partly, almost, utterly, as, entirely etc.

– Shamita is very beautiful.
– The whistle did not please him any more.
– I have pleaded enough and now I give up.
– He’s quite a good soccer player.

6. Adverbs of reason – They are the adverbs which tell us why an action takes place.

Examples – consequently, therefore , hence.

– It consequently has four vertices and six edges.
– He was therefore forced to relinquish his plan.
– Her triumphal progress through the skies. Hence he was called.

7. Adverbs of Adverbs of affirmation or negation – They are the adverbs which tell us whether an action is done or not.

Examples – surely, certainly, not, probably etc.

Surely he should have known she would get suspicious.
– He is a fool indeed.
– I was not playing.

8. Interrogative adverbs – Adverbs which are used for asking questions are called interrogative adverbs.

Examples are: when, where, how, why etc.

When will you go to New York ?
How long will you stay here ?
Where are my keys ?

9. Relative adverbs – A relative pronoun is a type of pronoun that often introduces dependent (or relative) clauses in sentences. They also can stand alone as the subject or object of a sentence.

Examples – who, whoever, whom, whomever, that, which, when, where, and whose.

– Where are you going ?
– That was my book.
– yes. With whom am I speaking?