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Current Affairs Quiz – July 8 2017

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AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily current affairs quiz July 8 to achieve more marks in Banking , insurance, UPSC, SSC, CLAT ,railway  and all other competitive Exams. We have prepared the current affairs quiz from our current affairs today updates.

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  1. On July 8, 2017, Minister of State for Minority Affairs (Independent Charge) & Parliamentary Affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi inaugurated first Gharib Nawaz Skill Development Centre in:
    Answer – 2.Hyderabad
    Explanation :
    Besides providing various job-oriented skill development courses, Gharib Nawaz Skill Development Centres of Ministry of Minority Affairs will also offer certificate course in Goods and Services Tax accounting/programming and other related subjects.

  2. On July 7, 2017, Union Food Processing Minister,Harsimrat Kaur Badal laid the foundation stone, of Punjab’s first maize based Food Park in which district of Punjab?
    Answer – 1.Kapurthala
    Explanation :
    This food park will be set up on 55 acres, at the cost of Rs. 123 crore. The Union government is providing a financial assistance of Rs. 50 crore for the project. It is being developed by Sukhjit Mega Food Park and Infra Limited and will generate turnover of Rs 450 – 500 crore annually.

  3. The union tourism ministry has allotted Rs 100 crore to which state under the Swadesh Darshan scheme to augment its tourist infrastructure?
    1.Madhya Pradesh
    Answer – 4.Goa
    Explanation :
    The amount was approved under Phase-II for coastal circuit development in the state. This is the second allotment of central financial assistance within one year. It will give a big boost to plans of improving tourism infrastructure under coastal circuits both in North and South Goa.

  4. India’s first university, only for Dalit students will come up in which city by 2018?
    Answer – 5.Hyderabad
    Explanation :
    The university will be a part of the government’s policy of providing education free of cost to students from weaker sections from kindergarten to post-graduation (KG to PG) level.

  5. Which scheme has been launched by Ministry of Commerce and Industry for awareness on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to inspire artists and budding inventors so that they can protect their creations and inventions?
    1.’Scheme for IPR Awareness – Creative India; Innovative India’
    2.’Scheme for IPR Awareness – Modern India; Innovative India’
    3.’Scheme for IPR Awareness – Vibrant India; Innovative India’
    4.’Scheme for IPR Awareness – Developing India; Innovative India’
    5.’Scheme for IPR Awareness – Advanced India; Innovative India’
    Answer – 1.’Scheme for IPR Awareness – Creative India; Innovative India’ 
    Explanation :
    The scheme aims at raising IPR awareness amongst students, youth, authors, artists, budding inventors and professionals to inspire them to create, innovate and protect their creations and inventions across India including Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 cities as well as rural areas in the next 3 years.

  6. A global treaty banning nuclear weapons was adopted at the United Nations on July 7, 2017 by how many countries?
    1.117 countries
    2.122 countries
    3.127 countries
    4.132 countries
    5.137 countries
    Answer – 2.122 countries
    Explanation :
    This is the first multilateral nuclear disarmament treaty to be concluded in more than 20 years. None of the nine countries known or believed to possess nuclear weapons – the United States, Russia, Britain, China, France, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel – is supporting the treaty.

  7. Vietnam has granted Indian oil firm ________, a two-year extension to explore oil block 128 in disputed South China Sea.
    3.ONGC Videsh
    5.Reliance Industries
    Answer – 3.ONGC Videsh
    Explanation :
    Vietnam granted Indian oil firm ONGC Videsh a two-year extension to explore oil block 128. This was stated by the state-run company’s managing director Narendra Verma. The part of the oil block 128 is in the U-shaped ‘nine-dash line,’ the area which is claimed by China.

  8. India and Bangladesh have decided to construct a bridge over which river in Mizoram to facilitate trade and improve communication between two countries?
    1.Tut River
    2.Barak River
    3.Serlui River
    4.Khawthlangtuipui River
    5.Teirei River
    Answer – 4.Khawthlangtuipui River
    Explanation :
    Officials of India and Bangladesh held a meeting on July 8. 2017, at Tlabung town (Mamit district) and discussed to speed up the works for the proposed bridge between the two countries across Khawthlangtuipui River (also known as Karnaphuli river).

  9. Which among the following entity is considering setting up a public credit registry in India to address the twin balance sheet problem of the banking sector and the corporate sector?
    1.Reserve Bank of India
    2.NITI Aayog
    3.Ministry of Finance
    4.Ministry of Commerce & Industry
    5.Securities and Exchange Board of India
    Answer – 1.Reserve Bank of India
    Explanation :
    Public Credit Registry will help RBI in effectively monitoring delinquencies in credit market and intervene at an early phase.  It will bring in efficiency in the credit market by helping the lenders in appraisals and monitoring of the loan portfolio.

  10. 3rd edition of International conference on sports “CII Score Card 2017” was held on 6th and 7th July 2017 in:
    2.New Delhi
    Answer – 2.New Delhi
    Explanation :
    At the third edition of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Scorecard 2017 held in New Delhi from July 6–7, policymakers and stakeholders converged to discuss, dissect and deliberate on the opportunities and future of the sports sector.

  11. Which company has launched its first Digital Hub in Asia Pacific in Bengaluru?
    Answer – 3.Oracle
    Explanation :
    Oracle has launched its first Digital Hub in Asia Pacific (APAC) in the IT capital of India, Bengaluru. The company plans to launch four other hubs in APAC market, including Singapore, Seoul, Sydney and Beijing. The company had launched its first digital hub in Dublin, last year.

  12. Which organisation has been awarded the Unilever Global Development Award at the 20th Responsible Business Awards ceremony, held in London on July 4, 2017?
    1.ClearWater International
    2.PureWater International
    3.WhiteWater International
    4.WaterHealth International
    5.AirHealth International
    Answer – 4.WaterHealth International
    Explanation :
    WaterHealth International has been awarded for its endeavours in providing clean, safe and affordable drinking water to marginalised communities in India, Ghana and Nigeria. The Unilever Global Development Award recognises companies that demonstrate positive impact in one or more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Initiatives for tackling poverty, climate change and inequality.

  13. Which company has won the Prime Minister’s trophy for being the best performing integrated steel plant in the country during 2014-15 and 2015-16?
    1.Tata Steel
    2.Steel Authority of India
    3.Jindal Steel
    4.JSW Steel
    5.Bhushan Steel
    Answer – 1.Tata Steel
    Explanation :
    Tata Steel Ltd has been declared as the winner of Prime Minister’s trophy for ‘Best Performing Integrated Steel Plant’ in the country for the performance years 2014-2015 and 2015- 16. This makes it the third consecutive-year for the firm to be honoured with this coveted award

  14. Khaltmaa Battulga has won the Presidential Election of which country?
    3.South Korea
    Answer – 2.Mongolia
    Explanation :
    Former martial arts star and businessman Khaltmaa Battulga, 54, a member of the Democratic Party, has won Mongolian Presidential Election with 50.6% of the vote. Tsakhia Elbegdorj will step down as President after finishing his second and final term.

  15. Which state has topped the list among all the states in the country for having issued over 43 lakh soil health cards (SHCs) to farmers in the past two years?
    1.Uttar Pradesh
    Answer – 3.Chhattisgarh
    Explanation :
    As against the target of providing 38,90,709 SHCs in the first phase of the scheme between 2015 and 2017 financial years, as many as 43,37,595 SHCs were issued to farmers in Chhattisgarh

  16. Who among the following was appointed as World Health Organization (WHO) Goodwill Ambassador for Autism in South-East Asia Region on 7th of July 2017?
    1.Saima Wazed Hossain
    2.Sana Ali
    3.Rubina Fatehi
    4.Salima Siddiqi
    5.Shaheen Khan
    Answer – 1.Saima Wazed Hossain
    Explanation :
    Saima Wazed Hossain is a globally renowned champion for the cause of autism spectrum disorder. She has made notable contributions towards creating awareness and to address and elevate sufferings of people affected by autism.

  17. Scientists, including those of Indian origin at the University of ____________, have invented the first battery-less cell phone that consumes almost zero power and runs by harvesting energy from ambient radio signals or light.
    1.University of Washington
    2.University of Stanford
    3.University of Cardiff
    4.University of Oxford
    5.University of Sydney
    Answer – 1.University of Washington
    Explanation :
    The team has also made Skype calls using its battery-free phone, demonstrating that the prototype made of commercial, off-the-shelf components can receive and transmit speech and communicate with a base station.

  18. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the UK have found that surface of ______ contains a toxic cocktail of chemicals that can wipe out living organisms.
    Answer – 2.Mars
    Explanation :
    Researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the UK investigated the conduct of chemical compounds, called perchlorates, which are found on the surface of Mars. The study also concluded that the effect of perchlorates can be compounded by two other types of chemicals found on Mars’ surface – iron oxides and hydrogen peroxide. According to the researchers they found that while exposed to ultraviolet light in environmental condition those on Mars the chemicals can kill bacteria commonly carried by spacecraft.

  19. Who among the following has won South Australian Open squash title in Adelaide, Australia?
    1.Aditya Shukla
    2.Harindar Sindhu
    3.Jayant Karthik
    4.Prateek Bhatnagar
    5.Munjal Saraswat
    Answer – 2.Harinder Sindhu
    Explanation :
    Harinder Sindhu defeated Rhys Dowling of Australia 11-8 12-10 11-4 in the final. This was his eighth title victory and the third this season after winning two in Malaysia in the month of May 2017.

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