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April 30th – International Jazz Day 2015

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UNESCO or United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation has marked April 30th every year as world jazz day.This year Paris, France will be the venue for this jazz day, where there will be performances from famous jazz artistes around the world.

According to UNESCO, jazz music had helped soothe and uplift souls of millions of people across the globe .An all-star global concert will be the main attraction in the event and it would be live streamed all over the world.

  • The main aim of this day is to promote peace,dialogue among various cultures,diversity,eradicating discrimination,respect of human dignity, promotion gender equality and individual expression.
  • Jazz is a form of music that traces its birth from people brought as slaves from West Africa to USA.
  • The genre thrived on improvisation drew from african music and culture with American,European music influences.
  • Jazz formed a means for expression of the people belonging to the oppressed sector.
  • Abolition of slavery in 1800’s is a major development in the evolution of jazz music.
  • Jazz day is celebrated in 196 countries and jazz events planned in those 196 member states of United Nations.

Mumbai will be hosting many concerts on the Jazz Day at blueFROG. About 30 artistes from India and around the world would be performing on that day. Artistes like Dhurv Ghanekar,Ranjit Barot, Delhi based 14year old prodigy Kashyap Iyengar would be participating . The artistes will not be taking money for this event as they would be performing for their sheer love of the art form.


  • UNESCO was founded on 16th November 1945.
  • Its a specialised agency of UN aimed in bringing peace and security.
  • The current head is Irina Bokova.
  • UNESCO has its headquarters in Paris,France