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World Philosophy day observed on 21st of November in 2019

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The world philosophy day is being observed on 21 November 2019. It is celebrated every year on the 3rd Thursday of November. This day is celebrated to persist the value of philosophy in shaping minds and culture of people. This day was officially announced by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).
world philosphy dayThe goals of Philosophy Day:

i.To rejuvenate the involvement of people around the world in Philosophy.

ii.To surrogate the analysis of philosophy in the field of research, education and to confront the people about the challenges they face in life.

iii.To improve the awareness in the significance of philosophy among people and its uses.

iv.To assess the state of philosophy in teaching throughout the world.

v.To intimate the importance of socialization of philosophy teaching to future generations.

The goals of Philosophy Day 2019:

This year the goal of the philosophy day celebration is to spotlight the significance of philosophy in every regional context and to obtain contributions from all regions to the global debates on the challenges that support social transformations.

Philosophy Day:
Introduced – 21st November, 2002; Proclaimed – 2005
Established by – UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization)

Headquarters – Paris, France
Founded – 16th November 1945, London, U.K
Formed on – 4th November 1945
Head – Audrey Azouley