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North Korea test-fired Musudan ballistic missiles

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North Korea has test ­fired two mid­range ballistic missiles from its eastern coast under the guidance of Leader Kim Jong Un to elevate the maximum range of missile

Two missiles – Musudan missiles

  • The first launched missile under failure which was travelling about 150 km before north-korea-missilelanded to the sea
  • The second missile is more efficient than previous one which is flew about 400 km and touched height of 1,000 km

North Korea conducted four experiments in missile which was failure in recent months

Both launches considered to be intermediate range

Musudan Missiles:                                                       

  • Otherwise called as the Nodong­B or the Taepodong­X
  • Intermediate ­ range ballistic missile
  • The lower range will have capability of destroying whole of South Korea and Japan
  • At its upper range it would be able to target US military bases on Guam
  • Estimated weight about 0 ­ 1.25 tonnes

North Korea leader Kim Jong-un said successful Musudan missile launch gives ability to attack US

North Korea Leader said after the successful test of Musudan mission that North Korea is having ability to attack the United States

South Korea and United States Military officials witnessed that North Korea launched Musudan missiles.

News agency of North Korea reported that the tests have been conducted without affecting other nations

About Musudan Missile:

  • Maximum height: 1400 kilometers
  • Range: 2,500 to 4,000 kilometers
  • Upper range it would be able to target US military bases on Guam
  • North Korea expected to have upto 30 Musudan missiles since 2007 and had not attempted to test fire until April

UN Security Council ‘to meet’ after missile tests:

  • The United Nations is expected to conduct meeting to discuss North Korea’s ballistic missile launch which was violation of a UN policies
  • Condemning by French Ambassador to the United Nations, country was developing ballistic missiles in order to attack South Korea, Japan and US Pacific Territory of Guam
  • The launches explained the purpose of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, to challenge UN Security Council resolutions banning North Korea from developing ballistic missile technology