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NICL AO Exam Questions 12 April 2015 Morning Shift

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NICL AO Exam Questions

Dear Aspirants,

We have retrieved some Questions from Aspirants. If you follow AffairsCloud regularly, we are very sure that you can be able to answer more than 30 Questions easily. We ve covered all these questions in our Quiz section except some Insurance related Questions. We hope you guys did your exam well. Let’s be positive and hope for the best. May God be with us Always.

–> NICL AO Exam Questions 

NICL AO (April 12th Morning Section GA/GK Questions)

  • Which insurance company is at the top in India regarding assets and economic condition? – LIC
  • Headquarters of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)? – Vienna, Austria
  • Who is north east brand ambassador? – MC Mary Kom
  • 69th santosh trophy won by?- Services
  • De-worming day is celebrated on – 10th feb
  • What is it called paying fixed premiums for a service of a fixed period? – Term insurance
  • Capital of China? – Beijing
  • Mesabi Iron Range is situated at? – United States
  • Currency of Mauritius? – Mauritian Rupee
  • Lia van leer of Israel died this year was known for? – Film programming and archiving
  • UN Industrial Developmental Organisation headquaters in which country? – Vienna, Austria
  • HDFC LIFE JV of which two HDFC and ? – Standard Life
  • Basel guidelines are for which sector? – Banking
  • Claims settle by an Ombudsman are below the amount of? – 20Lakh
  • Pension per month for Varistha bima yojana?- 500-5000rs
  • According to Budget 2015, Forward Markets Commission will be merged with? – SEBI
  • Credit Guarantee corpus amount of mudra bank? – 3000cr
  • Union minister of cabinet in Aviation? – Pusapati Ashok Gajapati Raju
  • Bhogali Bihu is celebrated where? – Assam
  • Tribhuvan International airport is in – Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Kidambi srikanth won Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold which was held in? –Basel, Switzerland
  • An ombudsman settles claims for which customer profile? – Individual
  • The Find is acquired by which IT giant? – Facebook
  • What is force majeure?- unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract.
  • Insurance for agricultural products if loss happens due to market instability is called? – Crop insurance
  • Which is the largest general insurance company of India on the basis of gross premium collection? – New India Assurance
  • “Frond end-something” term is associated with which sector?
  • Hannover Messe Fair recently hosted in Germany who was its partner? – India
  • Interest rate of Sukanya Samriddhi a/c?- FY 14-16 – 9.1% (But 9.2% FY 15-16)
  • PM recently inaugurated the first of the eight Coastal Surveillance Radar Systems (CSRS) being set up by India in which country? – Seychelles
  • Who is the largest arms importer according to SIPRI? – India
  • Insurer sharing assets under another company to minimize losses? –Reinsurance
  • Who settles the claims in insurance? – Insurance Companies
  • Which team won the Santhosh Trophy football tournament 2015? – Services

Thanks For Sharing your Experience & Questions

Exam Experience Shared By Devendra

NICL AO exam :
Aptitude : 23 attempt
Reasoning : 16 (poor :( )
GA : 11 + 9 mark for review
English : 28 attempt .
Descriptive overall good : attempted all 3 questions
Essay wrote with 224 words .
Passage Comprehension was fine, easy each question from each paragraph. just had to frame in our own words.
Precise writing little tuff , as did not get much time to comprehend it. Attempted in last 5 minutes could understand first and last para and wrote about 20 words and a title.

Descriptive question :
Essay one of three –
1) Problems in insurance industry in India.
2) Health insurance
3) (don’t remember)

Comprehension based on academic staff internal and external satisfaction leading to their performance.
5 question of 3 marks each

Precise writing based on given passage (Insurance and banking industry are merging …)

Quantitative was little tough. 4-5 DI in which 2 were pie-chart % based, one line diagram, one bar .
>>Probability one question based on selection of atleast 2 Green in 3 balls drawn out of 3Green, 2 blue , 4 black.
>> A shopkeeper makes 23% profit after 20 % discount. A man got 22 % discount instead of 20%. What will be the profit of the shopkeeper. (%values may differ).
>> average of marks of 28 students were given (out of 120 each). Top three are then excluded. None of top 3 were equal and third ranker minimum marks given. What could be least marks of the topper. Ans was 98
>> Data Sufficiency
>> Mixture and alligation one question of milk and water. Water being added.
>> Work time problem. 18 men = 6 women. 4 men leave the job after some time , had to find the time .

English was easy.
Antonym, synonym of simple words, ordering, closure, error correction, sentence improvement, unseen passage,

Reasoning above average
4-5 puzzles (sitting arrangement in circle facing out, 8 floor arrangement) , inequality, syllogism, data sufficiency, inference, direction and distance.

Exam Experience Shared By Anurag Mahajan

  • NICL A.O G.A. Questions
  • Republic of china Capital
  • Credit limit of Mudra Bank- 3000 cr
  • Who is NArayan Desai?
  • who can make complaint to insurance ombudsman
  • upto which limit one can make complaint to insurance ombudsman- 20lakh
  • Santhosh trophy winner- Services
  • which tournament won by k Shrikant
  • Currency of Maldives
  • Which insurance company is in maximum profit in GIC- N.I.A.C.l
  • Interest rate in Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana- 9.1
  • classical dance Bihu which state
  • World Largest gold Consumer- India
  • World Largest arms importer- India
  • Women labour population in India- I guess it’s 33%
  • Civil Aviation Minister
  • One question on agro insurance
  • One question on Seychellas Visit
  • Reasoning
    One input Output
  • One circular Arrangement inword out word
  • 2 puzzles
  • syllogism

Exam Experience Shared By Jeet

nicl ao attempts
reasoning 26…(difficulty moderate to hard)
english 33…(easy)
ga 27….(moderate)
qa 16…(hard)
total 102
for descriptive u hav to be a good typist or else u won’t be able to finish..i cud not write d essay properly..just around 80 words..200 words was d limit..precis on banking..and comprehension involving 5 questions.

gk questions that i remember:
1)santosh trophy 2015 winner: services
2) swiss open (badminton) venue: basel,switzerland
3) national deworming day: 10th feb
4) UNIDO headquarters: vienna,austria
5)largest arms importer acc to SIPRI: India
6)Mesabi iron ore found in: USA
7)Coastal survey radar system installed by india in: seychilles
8)capital of china: beijing
9)mauritius currency: mauritian rupee
10)MUDRA bank startup capital: 20000 crores
11)forward market commission to be merged with: SEBI
12) Loan given to farmers: crop loan
13)rongali bihu related to which state: assam
14) hannover festival partner country
15)hdfc life joint venture between hdfc and: standard life
16) largest general insurance company:
17)interest rate sukanya sambridhi a/c :9.1%
18) banking ombudsman maximum disputed amount: 20 lakhs
19)who can approach a banking ombudsman: individual
20)tasmania in: australia
21)kaziranga national park: assam
22)’Find’ acquired by: Facebook
Few questions on different insurance concepts.