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Military Direct’s Ultimate Military Strength Index -Indian Armed Forces 4th Strongest in the World, China No.1

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India has world's fourth strongest armed forcesAccording to a study,‘Ultimate Military Strength Index’ by Defence Website ‘Military Direct’, India with 61 Points is the 4th Strongest Military Force in the World. China (82 Points) was rated as the World’s Strongest Military Force followed by the USA (74) & Russia (69).

  • The index considers factors like – Budgets, number of inactive & active military personnel, total air, sea, land and nuclear resources, average salaries & weight of equipment.
  • World’s Biggest Military Spender – USA (USD 732 Billion per year) followed by China (USD 261 Billion) & India (USD 71 Billion).


Hypothetical conflicts

The study has also come out with hypothetical conflicts based on the assets owned by each country/military.

  • China would win a Sea Conflict. As it has 406 Ships compared to Russia’s 278 & USA or India’s 202 ships.
  • The USA would win an aerial war. As it has 14, 141 Airships compared to Russia’s 4, 682 & China’s 3, 587.
  • Russia would win in a Land war. As it has 54, 866 vehicles compared to USA’s 50, 326 & China’s 41, 641 vehicles.

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About Indian Armed Forces:

The President of India is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces.
Chief of Defence Staff – Bipin Rawat