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Important Dams in India – Complete List

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We collected the Dam List from government Sites in Central Water Commission( & India-WRIS Wiki(

State-Wise Details Of Large Dams


Dam Name: Nagarjunasagar Dam
River(Impounds): Krishana
Location: Nalgonda district, Telangana & Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh
Opening: 1967
Height(Metres): 124 Metres
Length(Metres): 1,550 Metres
Total Capacity(Acre FT): 9,371,845

Dam Name: Sriama sagar
River(Impounds): Godavari River
Location: Nizamabad, Telangana, India
Opening: 1977
Height(Metres): 43
Length(Metres): 15,600
Total Capacity(Acre FT): 2,571,582

Dam Name: Srisailam
River(Impounds): Krishna River
Location: Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh/Mahabubnagar district, Telangana.
Opening: 1981
Height(Metres): 145.10 m
Length(Metres): 512 m
Total Capacity: 216 Tmcft

Dam Name: Somasila
River(Impounds): Pennar
Location: Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh
Opening: 1989
Height: 39 m
Length: 760 m
Total Capacity: 1,790,557 acre·ft


1.Nizam Sagar Dam-Manjira River-Andhra Pradesh
2.Somasila Dam–Pennar River-Andhra Pradesh
3.Prakasam Barrage-Krishna River-Andhra Pradesh
4.Dindi Reservoir-Krishna River-Andhra Pradesh
5.Lower Manair -Reservoir-Andhra Pradesh
6.Tatipudi Reservoir Project-Gosthani River-Andhra Pradesh
7.Srisailam Dam-Krishna River-Andhra Pradesh
8.Singur dam-Andhra Pradesh
9.Gandipalem Reservoir-Gandipalem, Manneru River-Andhra Pradesh
10.Ramagundam Dam-Godavari-Andhra Pradesh
11.Dummaguden Dam-Godavari-Andhra Pradesh
12.Himayat Sagar Reservoir-River Musi-Andhra Pradesh
13.Shriram Sagar Reservoir-Godavari River-Andhra Pradesh

Dam Name: Nagi Dam
River(Impounds): Nagi River
Location: Jamui District, Bihar
Opening: 1958
Height: 113.5 M
Length: 1884 M

Dam Name: Minimata (Hasdeo) Bango Dam
River(Impounds): Hasdeo
Location: Korba district,Chhattisgarh.
Opening: 1990
Height: 87
Length: 2509

Dam Name: Ukai Dam
River(Impounds): Tapti River
Location: Surat district and Tapi district
Opening: 1972
River(Impounds): Tapti River
Height: 80.772 metres
Length: 4,927 metres
Total Capacity: 7414.29 Mm3

Dam Name: Sardar Sarovar Dam (Narmada Dam)
River(Impounds): Narmada River
Location: Navagam, Tapi district in Gujarat
River(Impounds): Narmada River
Height: 163 m
Length: 1,210 m
Total Capacity: 7,701,775 acre·ft

Dam Name: Kadana Dam
River(Impounds): Mahi River
Location: Panchmahal district
Opening: 1989
Height: 66 m
Length: 575 m
Total Capacity: 975,000 acre·ft

Dam Name: Karjan Dam
River(Impounds): karjan
Location: Gujarat
Opening: 1987
Height: 100m
Length: 903

Dam Name: Bhakra (Bhakra Nangal) Dam
River(Impounds): Sutlej River
Location: Bilaspurji, Himachal Pradesh, India
Opening: 1963
Height: 226 m
Length: 520 m
Total Capacity: 9.340 km3

Dam Name: Pong Dam (Beas Dam)
River(Impounds): Beas River
Location: Talwara, Himachal Pradesh
Opening: 1974
Height: 133 m
Length: 1,951 m
Total Capacity: 6,947,812 acre·ft

Dam Name: Chemera I Dam
River(Impounds): Ravi river
Location: Chamba,Himachal Pradesh in India
Opening: 1994
Height: 140 M
Length: 295 M

Dam Name: Salal Dam
River(Impounds): Chenab River
Location: Reasi, Jammu
Opening: 1987
Height: 118 m
Length: 630m

Dam Name: Baglihar Dam
River(Impounds): Chenab River
Location: Doda, Jammu and Kashmir
Opening: 2008
Height: 144 m
Length: 317 m
Total Capacity: 12,161 acre·ft

Dam Name: Maithon Dam
River(Impounds): Barakar River
Location: Dhanbad District, Jharkhand
Opening: 1957
Height: 50 m
Length: 4,789 m

Dam Name: Panchet Dam
River(Impounds): Damodar River
Location: Dhanbad district, Jharkhand
Opening: 1959
Height: 45.00 metres
Length: 6,777 metres
Total Capacity: 1497.54 million m3

Dam Name: Tenughat Dam
River(Impounds): Damodar River
Location: Bokaro District, Jharkhand
Opening: 1978
Height: 55 metres
Length: 5,000 metres

Dam Name: Krishnarajasagar Dam
River(Impounds): Kaveri River
Location: Mandya District, Karnataka, India
Opening: 1932
Height: 38 m
Length: 3.5 km
Total Capacity: 1.4 km3

Dam Name: Tungabhadra Dam
River(Impounds): Tungabhadra River
Location: Hospet in Karnataka
Opening: 1953
Height: 49 M
Length: 2443 M

Dam Name: Bhadra Dam
River(Impounds): Bhadra River
Location: Chikkamagaluru district – Tarikere Taluk, Karnataka
Opening: 1965
Height: 59.13 metres
Length: 1,708 metres
Total Capacity: 71.50 billion cubic feet

Dam Name: Linganamakki Dam
River(Impounds): Sharavathi River
Location: Linganamakki, Sagara Taluk, Karnataka
Opening: 1965
Height: 193 ft
Length: 2.4 km

Dam Name: Malaprabha Dam
River(Impounds): Malaprabha
Location: Belgaum district ,Karnataka
Opening: 1972
Height: 43 M
Length: 154.52 M

Dam Name: Hidkal Dam
River(Impounds): Ghataprabha
Location: Belgaum district in Karnataka, India.
Opening: 1977
Height: 62.4 M
Length: 10183 M

Dam Name: Hemavathi Dam
River(Impounds): Hemavathi
Location: Hassan district, Karnataka
Opening: 1979
Height: 58.5 M
Length: 4692 M

Dam Name: Supa dam
River(Impounds): Kalinadi(Kali) river
Location: Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka
Opening: 1987
Height: 101 m
Length: 332 m
Total Capacity: 3,387,160 acre·ft

Dam Name: Lakhya Dam
River(Impounds): Lakya
Location: Chikkamagaluru district, Karnataka
Opening: 1994
Height: 108 M
Length: 1048 M

Dam Name: Almatti Dam
River(Impounds): Krishna River
Location: Bijapur district – Karnataka
Opening: 2005
Height: 52.25 m
Length: 1565.15 m

Dam Name: Kakki Dam
River(Impounds): Kakki river
Location: Pathanamthitta district, Kerala
Opening: 1966
Height: 116 m
Length: 336 m

Dam Name: Idukki Dam
River(Impounds): Periyar River
Location: Idukki, Kerala, India
Opening: 1973
Height: 168.91 m
Length: 365.85 m
Total Capacity: 1,618,184 acre·ft

Dam Name: Cheruthoni Dam
River(Impounds): Periyar River
Location: Idukki, Kerala, India
Opening: 1976
Height: 138.2 m
Length: 650.9 m
Total Capacity: 1,618,184 acre·ft

Dam Name: Kulamavu Dam
River(Impounds): Kaliyar
Location: Idukki, Kerala, India
Opening: 1977
Height: 99.9 M
Length: 384 M

Dam Name: Idamalayar Dam
River(Impounds): Edamalayar/Periyar river
Location: Ernakulam District, Kerala
Opening: 1985
Height: 102.80 metres
Length: 373 metres
Total Capacity: 1.0898 cubic kilometres

Dam Name: Gandhisagar Dam
River(Impounds): Chambal River, a tributary of Yamuna River
Location: Mandsaur District, Madhya Pradesh
Opening: 1960 (Stage I) 1970 (Stage II)
Height: 62.17 metres
Length: 514 metres
Total Capacity: 5,936,000 acre·ft

Dam Name: Tawa Dam
River(Impounds): Tawa River
Location: Hoshangabad District, Madhya Pradesh
Opening: 1974
Height: 57.91 m
Length: 1,815 m

Dam Name: Indira Sagar Dam
River(Impounds): Narmada River
Location: Mundi, Madhya Pradesh
Opening: 2005
Height: 92 m
Length: 653 m
Total Capacity: 9,890,701 acre·ft

Dam Name:  Koyna Dam
River(Impounds): Koyna River
Location:  Satara district, Maharashtra
Opening: 1964
Height: 103.2 m
Length: 807.2 m
Total Capacity: 2,267,900 acre·ft

Dam Name: Jayakwadi(Paithan) Dam
River(Impounds): Godavari River
Location: Aurangabad district in Maharashtra
Opening: 1976
Height: 41.30 m
Length: 9,998 m
Total Capacity: 2,909,000,000 m3

Dam Name: Isapur Dam
River(Impounds): Penganga river
Location: Nanded district in Maharashtra
Opening: 1982
Height: 57 m
Length: 4,120.1 m
Total Capacity: 1.1216 km3

Dam Name: Totladoh Dam
River(Impounds): Pench river
Location: Nagpur district in Maharashtra
Opening: 1989
Height: 74.5 m
Length: 680 m
Total Capacity: 972 km3

Dam Name: Warna Dam
River(Impounds): Varna River
Location: Kolhapur District in Maharashtra
Opening: 2000
Height: 88.8 M
Length: 1580 M
Total Capacity: 974.188(MCM)

Dam Name: Bhatsa Dam
River(Impounds): Bhatsa and chorna
Location: Thane District in Maharashtra
Opening: 1983
Height: 88.5 M
Length: 959 M
Total Capacity: 976.1 (MCM)

Dam Name: Hirakud Dam
River(Impounds): Mahanadi River
Location: Sambalpur, Odisha
Opening: 1957
Height: 60.96 m
Length: 4.8 km
Total Capacity: 4,779,965 acre·ft

Dam Name: Rengali Dam
River(Impounds): Brahmani River
Location: Angul district in Odisha.
Opening: 1985
Height: 70.5 m
Length: 1,040 m

Dam Name: Upper Kolab Dam
River(Impounds): Kolab
Location: Jaypur district in odisha
Opening: 1985
Height: 55 m
Length: 646 M

Dam Name: Indravati Dam
River(Impounds): Indravati
Location: Naurangapur, Bhadrak District in Odisha
Opening: 1996
Height: 45 M
Length: 555 M

Dam Name: Kapur Dam
River(Impounds): Kapur River
Location: Naurangapur, Bhadrak District in Odisha
Opening: 1996
Height: 64 M
Length: 537 M

Dam Name: Muran Dam
River(Impounds): Muran River
Location: Naurangapur, Bhadrak District in Odisha
Opening: 1996
Height: 65 M
Length: 604 M

Dam Name: Podagada Dam
River(Impounds): Podagada River
Location: Naurangapur, Bhadrak District in Odisha
Opening: 1996
Height: 77.50 M
Length: 462 M

Dam Name: Ranjit Sagar Dam (Thein Dam)
River(Impounds): Ravi River
Location: Pathankot district in Punjab
Opening: 2001
Height: 160 m
Length: 617 m
Total Capacity: 2,659,139 acre·ft

Dam Name: Rana pratap Sager Dam
River(Impounds): Chambal River
Location: Chittorgarh district in Rajasthan
Opening: 1970
Height: 53.8 metres
Length: 1,143 metres
Total Capacity: 2,898,000,000 cubic metres

Dam Name: Mahai Bajaj sagar Dam
River(Impounds): Mahi River
Location: Banswara district in Rajasthan
Opening: 1983
Height: 43 m
Length: 3,062 m
Total Capacity: 1,680,000 acre·ft

Dam Name: Bisalpur Dam
River(Impounds): Banas River
Location: Tonk district, Rajasthan,
Opening: 1999
Height: 39.5 m
Length: 574 m
Total Capacity: 891,785 acre·ft

Dam Name: Mettur Dam
River(Impounds): Kaveri River
Location: Mettur, Salem District, Tamil Nadu
Opening: 1934
Height: 37 m
Length: 1,700 m
Total Capacity: 93.4 tmc ft

Dam Name: Sholaiyar Dam
River(Impounds): Sholaiyar river
Location: Coimbatore district in Tamil Nadu
Opening: 1971
Height: 105 M
Length: 1244 M

Dam Name: Bhavanisagar Dam (Lower Bhavani Dam)
River(Impounds): Bhavani
Location: Erode District, Tamil Nadu
Opening: 1955
Height: 62 M
Length: 8797 M
Total Capacity: 4960 TCM

Dam Name: Ramganga Dam
River(Impounds): Ramganga River
Location: Pauri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand
Opening: 1974
Height: 128 m
Length: 715 m
Total Capacity: 1,983,815 acre·ft

Dam Name: Jamrani Dam
River(Impounds): Gola River
Location: Nainital District , Uttarakhand
Opening: 1990
Height: 130.6 M
Length: 465 M

Dam Name: Tehri Dam
River(Impounds): Bhagirathi River
Location: Tehri Garhwal District,Uttarakhand.
Opening: 2006
Height: 260.5 m
Length: 575 m
Total Capacity: 3,200,000 acre·ft

Dam Name: Rihand Dam
River(Impounds): Rihand River
Location: Sonbhadra District in Uttar Pradesh
Opening: 1962
Height: 91 m
Length: 934 m
Total Capacity: 10.6 billion cubic metres

Dam Name: Matatila Dam
River(Impounds): Betwa River
Location: Lalitpur district in Uttar Pradesh,
Opening: 1964
Height: 45.7 M
Length: 6315.15 M

Dam Name: Rajghat Dam
River(Impounds): Betwa River
Location: Ashok Nagar District, Madhya Pradesh & Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh
Opening: 2006
Height: 43.8 m
Length: 11200 m

Dam Name: Kangasabati Dam
River(Impounds): Kangsabati and Kumari rivers
Location: Bankura district of West Bengal
Opening: 1965
Height: 41 M
Length: 10400 M