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IBPS Clerk Prelims: Reasoning Day 18

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in We are providing Free IBPS Clerk course 2015 and creating sample questions in Reasoning, the type of which will be asked in IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam.

Stratus – IBPS Clerk Course 2015 

Stratus - IBPS Clerk - Daily Test - Reasoning

Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information to answer the given questions:
There are seven friends namely – A, B, C, D, E, F, and G who are from different states –Punjab, Odisha, Kerala, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka not in the same order. They have different hobbies – Travelling, Reading, Singing, Sculpting, Painting, Dancing and Pottery making.
A belongs to Maharashtra. D likes pottery making. The person who likes sculpting is from the state of Odisha. The person who likes dancing is from the state of Gujarat. F does not belong to Gujarat, Odisha, Punjab or Rajasthan. F does not like singing, reading or painting. B does not belong to Kerala, Odisha, Punjab or Rajasthan. B does not like painting, travelling, reading or singing. C does not like sculpting and he is not from Rajathan or Punjab. Neither D nor G belongs to Punjab. A does not like reading. The person from Kerala likes singing.

  1. Who among the following likes singing?
    A) A
    B) C
    C) E
    D) F
    E) None of these
    B) C




  2. Which one of the following combinations is true according to the given information?
    A) F – Singing – Karnataka
    B) C – Dancing- Gujarat
    C) E – Reading – Karnataka
    D) D – Pottery making – Rajasthan
    E) A – Travelling – Maharashtra
    D) D – Pottery making – Rajasthan

  3. Who among the following belongs to the state of Karnataka?
    A) B
    B) D
    C) F
    D) E
    E) Cannot be determined
    C) F

  4. Which of the following combinations is true about G?
    A) Sculpting – Odisha
    B) Pottery making – Karnataka
    C) Dancing – Gujarat
    D) Singing – Kerala
    E) Travelling – Karnataka
    A) Sculpting – Odisha

  5. The person who belongs to Punjab, likes
    A) Travelling
    B) Reading
    C) Sculpting
    D) Singing
    E) Painting
    B) Reading

Directions (Q.6 – 10): Study the following information to answer the given questions:
In a certain code, ‘make your trip interesting’ is written as ‘de la pa ni’, ‘your trip be customized’ is written as ‘ha ni ta de’, ‘customized trip always good’ is written as ‘ta fa ka ni, and ‘good make me happy’ is written as ‘ka ro pa na’.

  1. What is the code for ‘always’?
    A) ka
    B) ni
    C) fa
    D) ta
    E) Cannot be determined
    C) fa

    Always only present in 3rd code, and also fa

  2. What does ‘ta’ stand for?
    A) always
    B) trip
    C) good
    D) your
    E) customized
    E) customized

    From 2nd and 3rd code, ta is either trip or customized
    Trip is in 1st code also, but ta is not, so ta – customized

  3. ’pa ni de ha’ could be a code for which of the following?
    A) make trip be your
    B) make your trip good
    C) your trip be good
    D) trip always be make
    E) trip be customized good
    A) make trip be your

    pa – make from 1st and last code.
    ni – trip from 1st 3 codes
    de – your from 1st and 2nd code
    ha only present in 2nd, and also ‘be’

  4. What is code for ‘make’?
    A) la
    B) pa
    C) ni
    D) ro
    E) either na or pa
    B) pa

    Make – pa

  5. Which of the following may represent ‘good trip always interesting’?
    A) de ka ni la
    B) fa ni ka ro
    C) na fa de ha
    D) ni fa la ka
    E) ta la fa ni
    D) ni fa la ka

    Trip – ni, always – fa
    Good – ka from last two codes
    Interesting- la