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The Economist Intelligence Unit announces the Safe Cities Index 2017 – Tokyo 1st, Delhi ranked 43rd

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Japan’s capital Tokyo has topped Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index 2017 of 60 cities. Indian cities Delhi and Mumbai have ranked 43rd and 45th respectively.

About Safe Cities Index 2017:

Safe Cities Index is a report by London-headquartered Economist Intelligence Unit owned by ‘The Economist Group’.

  • The first edition of Safe Cities Index was published in
  • In Safe Cities Index 2017, 60 cities have been ranked on 49 indicators placed under four broad categories viz. digital security, health security, infrastructure security and personal security.

Highlights of Safe Cities Index 2017:

With a strong performance in digital security category and marginal improvement in health security category, Tokyo has retained its top spot in the overall ranking.The Economist Intelligence Unit announces the Safe Cities Index 2017 – Tokyo 1st, Delhi ranked 43rd

  • Delhi and Mumbai are the two Indian cities which have been featured in the list. Delhi has an overall rank of 43 and Mumbai is placed at 45. On a comparative basis, Delhi has outperformed Mumbai in infrastructure security category.
  • Except Madrid (Spain) and Seoul (South Korea), scores of all cities have fallen in the index since 2015.
  • Top half of the index is dominated by high-income cities of developed economies.
  • Buenos Aries (Argentina) is the only city from a developing country which has ranked in the top half of the index.
  • Pakistan’s Karachi is at the bottom of the index. It has performed poorly in all categories.
  • Two high-income cities in the Middle East, Jeddah and Riyadh (both in Saudi Arabia) have fallen below position 40 in 2017 edition of the index, testifying the fact that income is not the only factor that governs city’s performance on security parameter.

Safe Cities Index 2017 – Top 10

1stTokyo, Japan
3rdOsaka, Japan
4thToronto, Canada
5thMelbourne, Australia
6thAmsterdam, Netherlands
7thSydney, Australia
8thStockholm, Sweden
9thHong Kong
10thZurich, Switzerland