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Descriptive Writing : Letter Writing for BOB Manipal PO

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Dear Aspirants,

As you all know that BOB Manipal PO Both exams are near.One of the most important part of these Exams is Descriptive Writing Exam that test Your writing skills, here we are providing you so expected formal and inform LETTERS Which are asked in the BOB Manipal PO Exams.


Write a Letter in about 150 words on any one of the following

1. Write a letter to your friend share his experience of selection in SBI Probationary Exam.
2. write a letter to your explaining him what is your retirement plan.
3. Mr X had applied for loan of Rs. 26 lacs but he is eligible only for Rs. 22 lakhs. write a letter to telling him about to the refusal of his loan.
4. Write a letter to a client of your bank who had taken a car loan form you 2 years ago to buy the car but has sold it now without paying the loan.
5. Write an application to the branch manager telling him that you have lost your receipt of term deposit which are going to mature in the next week asking him what steps are needed be taken to resolve the issue.
6. Write a letter to the editor for disturbance of pigeon caused to the society.
Write a letter to the branch manager to add your daughter’s name as a second nominee for your savings account.
7. Write a letter to a friend asking him to stop eating junk food and be careful about the health.
Write a letter to a friend who usually spend more of his time on computer and mobile to encouraging him for outdoor gaming.
8. Write a to your friend whose pet was stolen.
10. Write a letter to newspaper editor about unregulated road shading in your area.
11. Letter to your sibling advising him/her to prepare for a competitive exam
12. Writing a job offer acceptance letter for the post of Assistant Manager
13. Complaint to CEO regarding the extra work in office
14. Letter to sibling for telling benefits for future of money saving
15. Letter to bank manager requesting to extend the joining period as you have received the offer letter for the bank job.
16. Write a letter to the Editor, the Hindu, expressing your deep concern on the impact of adult graded cinemas on young minds.
17. Write a letter to your manager asking permission for a leave to attend a family function.
18. Write a letter to a student preparing for his Board Examination giving tips healthy study habits.
19. Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper commending it on an article published in it regarding Environmental awareness and adding your own views on the duty of every citizen to protect the environment.
20. Write a letter To the bank manager for closing of your savings account.
21. Write a letter To invite a friend to attend a seminar on net banking.
22. Write a letter To you bank for a loan to have higher studies in USA.
23. Write a letter on behalf of your department to the CEO of your company for working in late hours and not appreciated by management members.
24. Letter to the manager for extension of joining date.
25. Write a letter To the manager of a firm to increase credit amount of loan taken.
26. Letter to the bank manager for apologizing for the delay in EMI Payment.
27. Letter to your brother indicating him on why you want to choose career in banking.
28. As a manager write a letter to your colleague to conduct a meeting on PR strategy.