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Labour Minister Santosh Gangwar Launched Software Applications for 5 Pan-India Surveys

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Gangwar-launches-software-application-and-releases-instruction-manualOn 18th February 2021, Santosh Kumar Gangwar Minister of State (Independent Charge(IC)) of Labour and Employment launched the software application for 5 pan-India surveys which are being conducted by the Labour Bureau.

Government has already constituted an Expert Group under the chairmanship and co-chairmanship of Dr. S. P. Mukherjee and Dr. Amitabh Kundu respectively with leading economists and statisticians as members to guide Labour Bureau for conducting these surveys.

  • He also released the instruction manuals with questionnaires for these 5 surveys.

The 5 pan India surveys are,

i.All-India Survey on Domestic Workers (DW)

ii.All-India Survey on migrant workers

iii.All-India survey on employment generated by professionals

iv.All-India Survey on employment generated in the Transport Sector

v.All-India Quarterly Establishment based Employment Survey


i.All-India Survey on Domestic Workers (DW)

  • To estimate the proportion of DW in the workforce by major states and across India
  • To estimate the distribution percentage of DW that employs them by important socio-demographic key characteristics.

ii.All-India Survey on migrant workers

  • To estimate the number of migrant workers in India
  • To collect the information about the living condition, working conditions and other socio economic conditions of migrant workers.

iii.All-India survey on employment generated by professionals

  • To estimate the total number of active professionals in India.
  • To capture the employment generated by the active professionals.

iv.All-India Survey on employment generated in the Transport Sector 

  • To access the number of jobs generated in the transport sector in India.

v.All-India Quarterly Establishment based Employment Survey

  • To calculate the relative change in employment situation over the successive quarters in a sizable segment of the non-farm economy which comprises 8 important sectors of Indian economy.

Importance of these surveys:

i.The timely release of these data enables the efficient evaluation of the government policies on the ground.

ii.The repeatability of these surveys plays a vital role in assessing the impacts of the policies over a time period.

iii.The analysis of present situation will not be possible in the absence of the accurate data from the survey which will impact the future policies.

Key Points:

i.The results of these surveys will be announced in 7 to 8 months (including 6 months of field work).

ii.The use of Information Technology(IT) in conducting surveys will save around 30 to 40% of time which will be spent on conducting these 5 surveys for which an IT partner will be involved in the conducting the surveys.

Labour Bureau:

Labour Bureau, ministry of Labour and employment which leads in providing the data required for various stakeholders in the field of labour and employment since 1920.

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About Ministry of Labour and Employment:
Minister of State (IC)- Santosh Kumar Gangwar (constituency – Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh)