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Climate change could kill 500,000 adults by 2050

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With the rise in global emissions the Global Warming could be aggravated. In turn the climate changes can affect the people worldwide. A recent study shows that it is likely to cause 500,000 deaths by 2050.

climate change

Points to note

  • The latest computer modeling study reveals that climate change would badly affect China and India
  • The study released by The Lancet predicts 36 lakh death in India and 2.48 lakh death in China owing to the Climate change and its effects
  • The researchers used an agricultural economic model fitted with data on emission trajectories, socio-economic pathways, and possible climate responses to evaluate the effects on global food production, trade, and consumption for 2050
  • The research leader, Marco Springmann is from the Oxford Programe on the Future of Food at the University of Oxford in England
  • The model projects that by 2050, climate change will lead to per-person reductions of 3·2% in global food availability, 4% in fruit and vegetable consumption, and 0·7% in red meat consumption
  • It also projects that around 5,29,000 deaths will be caused across the world due to climate change by 2050
  • Most climate-related deaths were projected to occur in south and east Asia
  • The study has also indicated that adoption of climate-stabilisation pathways can reduce the number of climate-related deaths by 29-71%

Points to know

  • 13 Out of 20 most polluted cities are in India
  • India and China stand top in the list of having more polluted cities
  • Delhi stands at the first place in terms of Pollution Index across the world
  • World environment day- June 5