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Spring imperial decorations award of japan 2015 for four indians

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On 29th April, it was announced that four Indians would receive Spring Imperial Decorations of Japan Award 2015 on 8th May at Imperial Palace in Tokyo. These Indians are among  85 foreign contestants who will be getting this award on that day.

The honors include four Indians including Mr C.N.R Rao and Mr T.K.A Nair who was former Advisor and Principal secretary to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Mr Parekh and Mr Bhutia are the other two indians to get this award.


  • The Order of the Rising Sun Award, is given to those who had made great contributions in the fields ofInternational Relations.
  • Also contributions in Promotion of Japanese Culture,development in Welfare or preservation of the environment are considered.
  • Mr C.N.R Rao, a Bharat Ratna recipient, would be given Order Of The Rising Sun,Gold and Silver Star, for his contribution towards promoting academic interchange and mutual understanding in science and technology between India and Japan.
  • Mr.T.K.A Nair, would be awarded with Order Of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star, for his outstanding contributions enhancement of relationship and promoting friendship between India and Japan.
  • Mr. Nikunj Parekh,President of Indo-japanese Association Mumbai, would be honored with Order Of The Rising Sun,Gold and Silver Rays, for his input in the promotion and presentation of Japanese Culture In India.
  • A former local employee of Embassy of Japan in India, Mr Topgay Bhutia, would be conferred with Orders Of The Sacred Treasure,Gold and Silver Rays.
       About spring imperial decorations award of japan
  • Order Of The Rising Sun, is a Japanese Order.
  • Its the third highest order given by Japanese government
  • It was first established on 10th April 1875 by the Decree of Council of State.
  • The badge has rays of sunlight from rising sun.
  • The design of Rising Sun symbolizes energy as powerful as rising sun.
  • This award is mainly given for contributions in international relations,promotion of Japanese culture,development in preservation of environment.