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JPMorgan & GomSpace successfully test World’s First Bank-led Blockchain Transaction in Space 

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JP Morgan successfully tested a blockchain transaction in space usingDenmark based GomSpace and US-based JPMorgan Chase & Co have successfully tested the World’s First Bank-led tokenized value Transaction in Space (IOD – in-orbit demonstration) using Danish space firm GomSpace’s GOMX-4 Satellites. The Transactions were executive through smart contracts on a blockchain network, established between satellites orbiting the earth.


  • The successful test would enable a peer-to-peer DvP (‘data versus payment’) satellite marketplace in the long term.
  • It will also allow data transfers between satellites against payments.


  • Blockchain is a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which records data in individual blocks linked to each other using Cryptography. It is linked to Cryptocurrency.
  • It ensures Security, Transparency & Decentralization.
  • The technology is expected to boost Global GDP by USD 1.76 Trillion in 2030.

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About GomSpace:

CEO – Niels Buus
Headquarters – Aalborg, Denmark