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ARCI in collaboration with Nanomechanics Inc., has developed NanoBlitz 3D

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On April 22, 2020 Scientists from International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) an autonomous institute under the Department of Science & Technology in collaboration with Nanomechanics Incorporated (Inc.,) have  developed NanoBlitz 3D, an advanced tool to map nano-mechanical properties of constituent phases, features or components of multiphase alloys, composites, multi-layered coatings & others.New tool can map nanomechanical propertiesMajor Highlights of the tool:

i.Provides the capability to perform advanced phase analysis & yields excellent result on a wide range of material systems, which includes glass-fibre-reinforced polymer composites, dual-phase steels, softwood and shale

ii.Possess high performance which requires a few hours of testing to generate over 10,000 data points that can be processed using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

iii.Enables the performance of a large array which consists of 1000s high-speed nano-indentation tests, where each test takes less than 1 second to measure hardness and elastic modulus of a given material.

iv.Used to rapidly establish structural-property linkages at a micrometer length scale or higher, which will help to understand multiscale mechanics and aid in development of hierarchical materials, this in turn, accelerates the development of high-performance novel materials under an Integrated Computational Material Engineering (ICME) approach.

Key Points

  • As data science is considered the new avenue to accelerate materials design and discovery, this technique with high-fidelity and high-throughput will contribute to this new paradigm.
  • The product was released in San Antonio, USA by  G. Padmanabham, Director, ARCI, on the sidelines of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 2019 Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

About Nanomechanics Inc.,
Headquarters– Oak Ridge, United States of America(USA)
Director– Warren C. Oliver

About ARCI:

Chairperson -Dr. Anil Kakodkar ,Headquarters– Hyderabad, Telangana