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Volcanic Eruptions in Mexico’s Colima

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Mexico’s Colima Volcano has erupted more than 14 times and the Popocatepeti vaolcano has erupted more than 60 times. The volcanoes spewed large plumes of ash and gas into sky. One of the eruptions is reported to have reached more than 1,000 metres into the air. The Colima volcano is also referred as the Volcano of Fire and also it is the most active volcano in Mexico. As of now the eruptions are not considered to be dangerous and no evacuations have been necessary. The Colima volcano stands between the border of Colima and Jalisco states, 430 miles west of Mexico City.

Knowledge is Wealth

  • The only active volcano in India is located in Barren Island, which is a part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 
  • The Pacific rim’s “Ring of Fire” is the most active site for volcanoes and there are 400+ volcanoes in these area. 
  • Some of the dangerous volcanoes are,
    • Mt Vesuvius – Italy
    • Sakurajima – Japan
    • Galeras – Columbia
    • Mt.Merapi – Indonesia
    • Taal Volcano – Philippines
    • Mauna Lao – Hawaii