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IBPS PO and NIACL AO Success Story by Shubham Dixit

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Hello friends !!!!!

One of our reader Shubham Dixit has shared his success story with us. You can learn from his experience and keep hard working and hoping for the best.

Name  –  Shubham Dixit
Qualification –  B.Tech (2015)
Placed in  –  NIACL AO 2016, posting in Mumbai, IBPS PO-Canara Bank.

Success is the result of perfection, hardwork, learning from failure , loyalty and persistence(Quote from colin Powell)

Before I start off with the not so brief description of my journey to the crux of success, let me introduce myself. I am from Jaipur,Rajasthan.Before indulging myself fully into the competitive world, if I may say so, I was an incompetent person who had always belittled his ability.

After completing B.Tech in ECE in 2015, I was sort of sure that I know almost nothing about my field of engineering (except for Computer Organization & Architecture, thanks to the supplementary, I know a thing or two about this one subject)!

Success StoriesAs to speak for the skills that I possessed, absolutely nothing except for a good Aptitude, all thanks to my never-ending interest in Mathematics. Once I finally reached back home from College, I started shuttling from one coaching institute to another without any idea of what I actually needed – whether SSC or Bank or Insurance etc.

Some hardships that crippled me to a great extent were:

Failures in examinations: Each one has to face this at least once in one’s struggling before relishing the taste of success. Success comes to those who try for it. Father would always tell you, son don’t worry about your failure we are here with you. Mother would pray for you selflessly.This is what is near impossible to endure it no matter how strong you are.

Tormenting Time: Nobody knows when he/she is going to get his/her aspired job. But time plays a pivotal role in deciding the overall result of one’s effort. Time brings anxiety and anticipation.

The fact that success came to me after two years, was a well served reminder of the famous quote:

 We get nothing before it’s time & more than destiny has it for us.

Here is a brief history of my competitive journey:
1. SBI PO 2015: FAIL
2. LIC AAO 2015: FAIL
3. BOB PO 2015: FAIL
4. RRB PO 2015: FAIL
5. IBPS PO 2015: Got 96 in mains (cut off: 76), but due to less score in interview, couldn’t make it through.
6. UIIC AO 2015: FAIL
7. SBI PO 2016: Couldn’t clear sectional cut off of GA in Mains.
8. BOB PO 2016: FAIL
9. BOM PO 2016: Couldn’t make it through in the final list due to less mains marks.
10. Nainital Bank: Waiting List
11. RRB PO 2016: Couldn’t make it through in the final list due to less mains marks.
12. IDBI executive: CLEARED, joined, worked for 1.5 months in Vapi, Gujarat.
13. IBPS PO 2016: CLEARED, Final Score: 46.8, Canara Bank.
14. NIACL AO 2016: CLEARED, posting in Mumbai. So finally I got selected in this PSU of repute, and would be joining it shortly! :)

The moment I saw my name in the final list, both in IBPS PO & NIACL AO, I couldn’t believe my eyes. All of my efforts had finally paid off. Now I can proudly say that I have transfigured myself from nothing to something.

I would take this opportunity to present a vote of thanks to almighty and to all those who stood by me through thick and thin .A special thanks to Affairs Cloud for providing students like us with some really fascinating test series.

A small piece of advice to my fellow aspirants:
It is better that you discover your weaknesses first & remove them once & for all. Then you have your well wishers, seniors, families, etc.  –  consult with them. Lastly, would like to quote a dialogue from Batman:

“It’s not who I am underneath, it’s what I do that defines me.” :)
And get what you want, whatever be the cost. :)


We are happy that we could also become a part of your succcess journey. All the best Shubham from AC team team for your future. Keep rocking 🙂