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English Questions for IBPS PO Exam Set- 29

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Quiz in Here we are creating Best question samples from FILL IN THE BLANK which is based on IBPS PO PATTERN. !!!


  1. The ______________ over Greece shows that excessive ___________ is more likely to kill growth than create the right conditions in term of interest rates and inflation for investment.
    a) Explosion, grief
    b) Upheaval, austerity
    c) Tumult, wants
    d) Outbreak, misery
    e) Turmoil, flexibility
    b) Upheaval, austerity

  2. Correct and timely ___________ are essential part of the proper functioning of the securities market and failure to do so results in ___________ investors from taking well-informed decisions.
    a) Exposure, excluding
    b) Admission,, suppressing
    c) Discovery, barring
    d) Disclosures, preventing
    e) Denial, halting
    d) Disclosures, preventing

  3. Convertible bond sales in India have come to a ___________ halt as investors _____________ debit linked to the world’s worst performing stock market.
    a) Grinding, shun
    b) Local, accept
    c) Serious, allow
    d) Crushing, cut
    e) Grooving, despise
    a) Grinding, shun

  4. After a relationship ___________ over one-and-a-half centuries, on July 14, Kolkata bid an emotional ___________ to a mode of communication called the telegram.
    a) Covering, hello
    b) Ranging, goodbye
    c) Spanning, adieu
    d) Extending, relation
    e) Traversing, farewell
    b) Ranging, goodbye

  5. ________the defeat of Tipu Sultan in the Fourth Anglo Mysore War (1798-99) in Srirangpatnam, the British army ___________ itself in the vicinity of the old city area of Bangalore.
    a) On, armoured
    b) With, garrisoned
    c) By, opened
    d) At, guarded
    e) For, left
    b) With, garrisoned

  6. The opening up of insurance sector has resulted in ______ of new products, particularly the unit-linked products which offer both capital______ and insurance cover and have attracted the attention of the insured.
    a) appropriation, formation
    b) introduction, appreciation
    c) opening, collection
    d) distinction, depreciation
    e) separation, investment
    b) introduction, appreciation

  7. The Reserve Bank exercises its supervisory role_____ the financial system_____ commercial and urban cooperative banks, financial institutions and NBFCs, through the Board of Financial Supervision.
    a) in, around
    b) about, within
    c) for, covering
    d) of, for
    e) over, encompassing
    e) over, encompassing

  8. Wayne Rooney has been named England captain, taking ____________ the leadership role of an inexperienced team in a rebuilding phase __________ its worst-ever World Cup.
    a) Over, following
    b) For, having
    c) Off, succeeding
    d) Up, accompanying
    e) On, after
    a) Over, following

  9. The suffering in Gaza has been so ________ that people are bound to be overjoyed at the news that a permanent ceasefire has been ____________ between Harmas and Isreal.
    a) Much, arrived
    b) Outrageous, setup
    c) Intense, agreed
    d) Deep, established
    e) Disturbing, reached
    d) Deep, established

  10. Concerns relating to global mass ____________ and privacy of internet users are likely to __________ discussions at the Internet Governance Forum.
    a) Vigilance, lead
    b) Scrutiny, influence
    c) Inspection, control
    d) Surveillance, dominate
    e) Supervision, handle
    d) Surveillance, dominate