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Current Affairs Quiz: 18 December 2021

AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily Current Affairs 18 December 2021 Quiz to achieve more marks in Banking, Insurance, UPSC, SSC, CLAT, Railways and all other competitive Exams. We have prepared the current affairs quiz question from our daily current affairs 2021 updates.

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Top 10 Questions Based on Current Affairs 18 December 2021

  1. What are the points that are correct with respect to Cabinet approval (in Dec’21) on Women’s Marriage Age?
    A) The minimum age of marriage for women was increased from 18 to 21 to improve nutritional levels, health & social indices like MMR, IMR.
    B) Recommendations for the age criteria was made by a task force headed by Jaya Jaitly.
    C) This Amendment will be included to the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006, Special Marriage Act, 1954 & Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.
    1) Only A
    2) Only B
    3) Only C
    4) Only A & B
    5) All A, B & C
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer-5) All A, B & C
    The minimum age of marriage for women was increased from 18 to 21 to improve nutritional levels, health & social indices like MMR, IMR.
    i. Recommendations for the age criteria was made by a task force headed by Jaya Jaitly.
    ii. This amendment will be included to the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006, Special Marriage Act, 1954 & Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

  2. In December 2021, HAL secured an order for manufacturing – ‘ABHYAS’, High-Speed Expendable Aerial Target (HEAT) System from which organization?
    1) Bharat Dynamics
    2) Boeing India
    3) Lockheed Martin India
    4) DRDO
    5) Bharat Electronics
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer-4) DRDO
    Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has obtained an order for manufacturing, assembly, integration, testing and supply of High-Speed Expendable Aerial Target (HEAT) System, named ‘ABHYAS’ from the Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) of Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).
    • After completion of this order, HAL will become the Development-cum-Production Partner (DcPP) for the supply of HEAT systems along with private firms (50 percent of the volume).

  3. In which state the Ministry of Science & Technology will set up 6 Nuclear Reactors with a total capacity of 9900MW?
    1) Kakrapar, Gujarat
    2) Gorakhpur, Haryana
    3) Narora, Uttar Pradesh
    4) Kaiga, Karnataka
    5) Jaitapur, Maharashtra
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer-5) Jaitapur, Maharashtra
    The Ministry of Science and Technology granted ‘In-Principle’ approval for setting up 6 Nuclear Reactors at Jaitapur in Maharashtra.
    • The approval is for setting up 6 nuclear power reactors of 1650 MW each, making Jaitapur as India’s largest nuclear power generating site with a total capacity of 9900 MW & Technical cooperation is provided by the French Firm – Électricité de France (EDF).
    • The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) is involved in the development of pre-clinical evaluation and obtaining the radiopharmaceuticals committee’s approval for human use.

  4. In December 2021, ______ became the 1st Indian Insurance company to sign the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment on environmental, social & governance (ESG) issues.
    1) Bharti Axa Life Insurance
    2) Exide Life Insurance
    3) Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
    4) HDFC Life Insurance
    5) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer-5) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance (IPRULIFE), became the 1st Indian insurance company to sign the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), to demonstrate commitment towards the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.
    • The UNPRI is an investor initiative in partnership with the two bodies of the United Nations – The UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative & The UN Global Compact.

  5. Which of the following types of Financial institutions were included into RBI’s eligibility list of Agency Banks (in Dec’21)?
    1) Scheduled payments banks
    2) Merchant Banks
    3) scheduled small finance banks
    4) Only 1 & 3
    5) Only 1 & 2
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer-4) Only 1 & 3
    Scheduled payments banks and Scheduled small finance banks will be eligible to conduct Government agency business, according to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
    • On May 10, 2021, RBI, revised the existing guidelines on ‘Appointment of Scheduled Private Sector Banks as Agency Banks of RBI’ for authorizing Scheduled Private Sector Banks as agency banks of RBI for conducting govt business (Central and/or State).
    • All the instructions/conditions prescribed on May 10, 2021, will henceforth be applicable to the scheduled payments banks and scheduled SFBs.

  6. Identify the Indian Shooter who won the “Best Female Debut” honour at the Paralympic Sport Awards 2021.
    1) Anjum Moudgil
    2) Avani Lekhara
    3) Elavenil Valarivan
    4) Apurvi Chandela
    5) Mehuli Ghosh
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer-2) Avani Lekhara
    Indian shooter Avani Lekhara won the “Best Female Debut” honour at the 2021 Paralympic Sport Awards.
    • The Awards were announced by the International Paralympic Committee.
    Note- In 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, she became the 1st Indian woman to win 2 Paralympic medals in a single edition of the Games & she created history by winning India’s first Gold medal in Shooting at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

  7. Who became the 1st Foreigner to Receive Bhutan’s Highest Civilian Award, ‘Ngadag Pel gi Khorlo’ in 2021?
    1) Bidhya Devi Bhandari
    2) Joe Biden
    3) Narendra Modi
    4) Sheikh Hasina
    5) Kamala Harris
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer-3) Narendra Modi
    On the occasion of Bhutan’s 114th National Day, The Kingdom of Bhutan has honoured Narendra Modi, PM of India with Bhutan’s highest civilian award Ngadag Pel gi Khorlo also known as Order of the Dragon King (Druk Gyalpo).
    PM Modi becomes the 1st foreigner to receive the coveted award.

  8. Who authored the book, “The Monk Who Transformed Uttar Pradesh”?
    1) Kashinath Singh
    2) Leema Dhar
    3) Shantanu Gupta
    4) Jeelani Bano
    5) Sonroopa Vishal
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer-3) Shantanu Gupta
    The book titled “The Monk Who Transformed Uttar Pradesh: How Yogi Aditynath Changed UP Waala Bhaiya’ abuse to a Badge of Honour”, authored by Shantanu Gupta.
    • The book underlines the journey of Uttar Pradesh (UP) Chief Minister (CM) Yogi Adityanath, from being born in Uttarakhand to becoming a Nath Panthi saint, to CM of Uttar Pradesh.

  9. In December 2021, Which State launched ‘Khel Nursery Scheme 2022-23’ to promote sports?
    1) Uttar Pradesh
    2) Rajasthan
    3) Punjab
    4) Haryana
    5) Uttarakhand
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer-4) Haryana
    Haryana’s Minister of State for Sports and Youth Affairs Sandeep Singh launched ‘Khel Nursery Scheme 2022-23’ to promote sports in the state.
    • The scheme promotes sports nurseries that will be started in government, private educational institutions and private sports institutions.
    • The sports nurseries are being opened for the sports included in the Olympic, Asian and Commonwealth Games.

  10. Which state signed an MoU with Tata Motors Limited (in Dec’21) to Set Up Vehicle Scrapping Facility?
    1) West Bengal
    2) Kerala
    3) Madhya Pradesh
    4) Maharashtra
    5) Uttar Pradesh
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer-4) Maharashtra
    Tata Motors Limited has signed a MoU with the state government of Maharashtra through the Industries, Energy & Labour Department to support the establishment of a Registered Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF) in Maharashtra.
    The MoU was concluded at the Conference on Investment Opportunities in Highway, Transport and Logistics in Mumbai

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