WJP Rule of Law Index 2021: India Ranked 79 out of 139 Nations; Denmark Tops

India has ranked 79 out of 139 countries and jurisdictions in the World Justice Project’s (WJP) Rule of Law Index 2021 report.

  • The WJP Rule of Law Index 2021 ranks the countries based on scores ranging from 0 to 1, with 1 indicating the strongest adherence to the rule of law. It measures how the rule of law is experienced and perceived worldwide. Pakistan has ranked lowest at 130.
  • Ranking was based on Eight factors: Constraints on Government Powers, Absence of Corruption, Open Government, Fundamental Rights, Order and Security, Regulatory Enforcement, Civil Justice, and Criminal Justice.

Ranking of WJP Rule of Law Index 2021:

Country/Jurisdiction Overall Score Global Rank
India  0.50  79

Top 3 Countries

Denmark 0.90 1
 Norway  0.90 2
Finland 0.88  3

Bottom 3 Countries

Venezuela, RB 0.27 139
Cambodia 0.32 138
Congo, Dem. Rep. 0.35 137

India’s ranking at Different Factors:

Factors Factor Rank
Constraints on Government Powers 52
Absence of Corruption 95
Open Government 40
Fundamental Rights 93
Order and Security 121
Regulatory Enforcement 78
Civil Justice 110
Criminal Justice 86

Key Points:

i.The 2021 edition of the WJP Rule of Law Index includes 11 new countries such as Cyprus, Haiti, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Paraguay, and Republic of the Congo, Slovak Republic, and Sudan.

ii.The Index also covers the entire European Union for the 1st time.

iii.Under the Rule of Law survey, 74.2 percent (accounting for 84.7 percent of the world’s population) surveyed countries experienced declines in rule of law performance, while only 25.8 percent improved.

About World Justice Project (WJP):

Establishment – 2006
Co-founder & CEO – William H. Neukom
Headquarter – Washington, D.C., United States

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