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SBI PO Success Story

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Hi friends! One of our readers has shared his success story with us. You can learn from his experience and keep hard working and hoping for the best.

Hello all
1st of all thankyou for this woderfull platform, which helped me through my journey and the users also.
Evryone asking abt my story how i made it, well there is no such story
i learned from my past failures, and others users failures and never give up my preparation,
trust me ek time per meri situaion aisi thi ki padosi ko kuch bol bhi nai sakta tha!!
But wt i beleive that wt ever decision we take in our life we should only take those desision, and we are the only responsible for it( never regret anything, ki uff i wish i could have done that…no take the desision by urself and also take responsibilitys too)
When i left my job,received a lot of critise ki u should not have done this( but the thing is diffrent ki aaj same person is saying sahi kiya tha tum job chor k) and with every failure result i was like iff not today when!! ad keept my journy
So 1st is what ever happens we should never stop our prepartion every one have difficulties in life family issues, relatonship issue,financial issues, but if are focused these things will be resolved easily( aur haan one more thing wt ever happens pls don’t change ur discus name frequently, don’t think wt others will think ki this user is still on discuss…don’t use it to impress someone..its a virtual word no one cares abt u just grasp the important thing, ek channa le k use kiya karo sab imp part le lo aur waste part channa mein reh jayega…if u are working seriously then no issues)

Smart people only read the above lines, rest can start reading from here:

For english:
i m poor in vocabs, but chooses qsn wisely so that hardly any chance for negativity, used to solve BA english post reguraly, attnded DDQ mostly i will see the answer expalnation, which was more ueful, u can not find explanaition like this anywhere
and STs and practice test and do analyse it simply don’t give them.
now patern are changed do ractice the new patern qsn 10 qsn are compusary tht statement wale inspite of/dispite off

For aptitude:
I prefer diifrent approches for a single qsn, and practiced them , learned many new things from diffrent users here neeraj sir , kd sir, angry bird aur angry nerd too,
never go for tricks, because during exam one thing only matters how u get the correct answers and this is maths there are n numbers of ways to do a particular qsn, so it doesn’t matter which process u use but wt ever u usees make sure u will get correct answer
quants ddq , and STs are aur haan neeraj sir(discus wale) ki pdf bhi, and EP aur Ac’s ki DI’s,

For GK:
this one is easy if u follow the sites one hour daily, i follow A+,Bm,Ba,Ep,AC and discus qzes, static is the easiest it never changes u just have to mug up once, only CA uswally changes which creates confusions, so 1st complete static gk and go for cA

For reasoning:
puzzels and only puzzles , specail thanks for the fighter and prof puzzles, ST’s.practice is only way 10-13 min anyone can solve a pzzle but if u have to sachin then be like him reduce the time and take the lead
again patern are changed, solve prof qzs , fighter pzzles, and also wana taste sucess her pzzles are also good
do practice these pzzles
1. floor with colour possibilities
2. linear 8 peaople facing random north south
3. circular members in/ot , diifrent jobs profile
these will be new now a days practie these more rather going for others carppy one.

For computer:
No comments for computer

once again these are only my way of thinking and i follw it , may be u have a better one, then u must follow that only , Its should not be like lallu eat samosa with red chatni so u also eat samosa, u can defneatly go for Momos or wtever u feels is best for u.
but do give ST’s let it be any just give thm reguraly. i use to give dhoni, ob,pm, race,tb. used to give 3 ST in a day aur pre ka toh kabhi count hi nai kiya maine jab maan karta taht i will write one, ST mein paisa laga tha waste kaise jane deta…the m used to it

Specail thanks to some users here, these are all who helped me sometimes for chering my mood or teaching me new things or making me smile
Paaji,caption cool,Neeraj,Kd, Atharva,Jerry,Deep, INshan,Tom crusie,StaAk,Smiley,Vishwa miley,Alka,Inocent dev,Nadan parinda,Rubby,har har mahadev,baba selection dev,Bravo,Duke,Ritesh,ritu,Amit,Ani, Shristi, and red/black/violet Richa for tagging on on A+,
abhishek sir, sourabh sir,Shreen maam, Shubhra ,Anubahv dada,Nerajsir.

sometime i do comedy to make people laugh because everytime its hard to sit continuos in a particular postion, need to strech the boody too, so its all how we think if u r doing the right thing one day it will show u the return with full interst that too at CI.

just do practice and practice PO is waiting for u all
All the best!!

We are happy that we could also become a part of your this journey. All the best from AC team for your future. Keep rocking :)