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Reasoning Questions: Statements & Arguments Set 7

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in Here we are creating question sample in Statements & Arguments which is common for all the IBPS,SBI exam and other competitive exams.

In each question below is given a statement followed by two courses of action numbered 1 & 2. On the basis of information given in the statement to be true, then decide which of the following suggested courses of action logically follow(s) for pursuing. Give your answer as-
1)If only 1 follows
2)If only 2 follows
3)If either 1 or 2 follows
4)If neither 1 nor 2 follows
5)If both 1 & 2 follow

  1. The government has decided to earmark a separate lane in the metropolis for passengers vehicles with more than one occupant.
    I.Many people may resort to pool car systems to avoid traffic.
    II.The move may help decongest the roads of the metropolis
    Answer – 5)If both 1 & 2 follow
    Explanation :
    The gov has taken steps assuming that decongestion of the roads will improve.

  2. New Census data on the educational status of India show the biggest increase in the no of people pursuing engineering & technology diplomas or technical degrees equivalent to a graduate .
    I.India has over 30lakh people with teaching degree and over 15 lakh people with a medical degree
    II.Education in India has been boosted up with the opening of new private and government colleges.
    Answer – 2)If only 2 follows
    Explanation :
    The biggest increase in the no of Engineering graduates is owing to the opening of new colleges

  3. NTPC is under a lot of pressure to expand and deliver cheap power but faces a big challenges as its customers, the state owned power distribution companies are not buying electricity due to their poor financial health.
    I.NTPC should enter into distribution business and show existing discoms that power distribution is a profitable business
    II.Debt-laden discoms have been forcing generating companies to run their units at less than full capacity.
    Answer – 2)If only 2 follows
    Explanation :
    When there is less demand, generating companies will be forced to produce less.

  4. The Indian Railways has tied up with TCS to pilot Systems to conduct its recruitments exam online, as the country’s largest employer looks to introduce trasparecy into its operation.
    I.Online examination will reduce corruption and bring transparency
    II.Cheating in examination will be wiped out
    Answer – 2)If only 1 follow
    Explanation :
    Online examination will avoid forgery and reveal the real talents and accuracy of the candidates

  5. The Gov may raise the minimum wages in the country by as much as 25% and also make them binding on all states, a move aimed at improving the lifestyle of the poor and giving an indirect boost to the rural economy.
    I.Unskilled workers will get motivated to move into semi-skilled and skilled category for a better lifestyle
    II.It will help the gov to cut expenditure on social sector programmes and generate demands in the economy.
    Answer – 2)If only 2 follows
    Explanation :
    The increase in the min wages by the gov will help to provide livelihood to the workers and save the money spent on social programmes.

  6. The crime branch unearthed a major fake admission racket in Delhi University and arrested around 100 candidates for forged documents.
    I.DU should cancel the admission of such candidates and strict action should be taken by the college against such candidates.
    II.Document verification should be done properly to avoid the forgery.
    Answer – 1)If only 1 follow
    Explanation :
    DU should take the action against candidate to avoid this in future

  7. With the implementation of Mobile Number Portability(MNP), mobile subscribers can now keep their existing mobile numbers even while shifting between states and circles.
    I.The profit of the mobile companies will reduce
    II.People won’t to change their numbers frequently
    Answer – 2)If only 2 follows
    Explanation :
    With MNP facility customers can retain their number in any parts of India.

  8. Persistness weakness in global demand and the lower value of oil products led India’s merchandise exports to fall for the sixth straight month in May .
    I.There will be an increase in the domestic demand of gold and jewellery
    II.There will be an increase in the collection of indirect taxes in the month of April and May
    Answer – 2)If only 1 follow
    Explanation :
    Decline in  Gold imports is a major reason.

  9. Rivers in UP have beeb polluted to dangerous level because of the industrial waste released illegally into them by the industries.
    I.All the industries located on the bank of the river should be closed down
    II.Industrial waste should not be allowed to flow into the river
    Answer – 2)If only 2 follows
    Explanation :
    The gov should order the industries to avoid the flow of wastages into the river.

  10. The Modi Government is likely to overhaul its overseas investment regime as the government is keen to make it easier for doing business in the country and attract capital from abroad in the manufacturing unit.
    I.Indian economy will compete with that of the developed nations
    II.India’s ranking in ease of doing business will improve
    Answer – 2)If only 2 follows
    Explanation :
    The decision will give an opportunity to global companies to enter the country easily.

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