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India 14th Most Charitable Country, Indonesia tops: World Giving Index 2021 Report

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India emerges as 14th most charitable country in the WorldThe World Giving Index 2021 (WGI 2021) report released by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has ranked India as the 14th most charitable country in the world (with a score of 44%) out of 114 countries.  Indonesia topped the Index followed by Kenya & Nigeria.

  • The WGI 2021 is based on the year 2020 and highlights the impact of lockdowns on charitable giving.
  • The WGI is an annual report, it uses data gathered by Gallup’s World view World Poll. The 1st edition of the report was released in 2010.

Global Survey

WGI is global survey, it interviews people and asks each of them 3 questions:

have they helped a stranger, given money, or volunteered for a good cause over the past month.

Key Stats

i.India is now placed in the Top 20 most generous countries in the world, up from the 10-year global rank of 82.

  • Score for India improved rapidly between 2017 and 2019, this improvement was maintained in 2020.
  • 61% of Indians helped strangers; 34% volunteered; and 36% donated money.

ii.Communities around the world mobilised to help  fellow citizens during the pandemic, which resulted in the highest ‘helped a stranger’ figures since 2009.

iii.More than 55% of the world’s adults helped someone they didn’t know in 2020.

iv.Lowest Ranked Countries were Belgium (112), Portugal (113) & Japan (114).

About Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

Chief Executive – Neil Heslop
Headquarters – London, UK