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Cabinet approves agreements with other Nations

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The Union cabinet has given its approval to various MoU’s signed between India and other nations. The MoU’s approved by the cabinet belong to various sectors and various nations.


India and Lithuania sign agreement in Field of Agriculture

India and Lithuania signed an MoU in the field of agriculture and the agreement proposes to include horticulture, post-harvest management, organic farming, cold chain development and agro processing industry, animal husbandry, dairying and aquaculture etc

Areas of concentration

  • Capacity building, Knowledge exchange between scientists and technicians
  • Exchange of genetic resources
  • Development of appropriate technologies and farm practices for enhancing agriculture productivity at farmer’s field

India & UAE ink MoU in Infrastructure development

India signed a agreement with UAE in fields of Infrastructure development with the NIIF

  • NIIF– National Investment and Infrastructure Fund
  • The agreement will mobilize long term investments through NIIF
  • It includes investments in Commercially viable projects like green stalled projects and brown stalled projects
  • It proposed to set up joint working group comprising of the concerned representatives of both parties
  • It would take forward cooperation under this MOU and to discuss and agree the terms, principles and criteria jointly 

India to accede Ashgabat agreement

The Union government has given its approval to the Ashgabat agreement which facilitates transport of goods between Central Asia and Persian Gulf.

  • Founding members: Oman, Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan
  • India by joining this agreement can use the existing transit corridor to facilitate goods transport in Eurasian region
  • It will also help India in implementing the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) for enhanced connectivity
  • India will convey its acceptance to depository state Turkmenistan

India joins hands with Russia in Disaster Management

India and Russia will join hands to minimize the consequences of Natural calamities like Flood and Earthquake.

  • An MoU was signed in Prevention and Elimination of Consequences of Emergencies in the field of Disaster Management
  • The MoU will allow both the Nations to come together in the areas such as controlling floods, minimising its consequences as well as collaboration in capacity building
  • The two nations are linked geographically and also the cooperation will help in bringing down the proximity of risk in disasters