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World Unidentified Flying Object Day 2022 – July 2

World Unidentified Flying Object(UFO) Day is annually observed across the globe on 2nd July to create awareness about the Unidentified Flying Objects(UFO).

  • The day is particularly observed by the people who believe in the existence of aliens and extraterrestrial beings from some other planet.


The term ‘UFO’ for Unidentified Flying Object was coined by the United States(US) Air Force officer Edward Ruppelt.


i.World UFO Day Organization (WUFODO) declared the 2md July of every year as World UFO Day to create awareness about the existence of UFOs and the intelligent beings from outer space.

ii.The day was previously observed on 2 occasions, July 2nd and June 24th.

Reason behind the date of UFO Day:

July 2nd:

The 2nd of July marks the date of the famous Roswell incident in 1947. Roswell incident is believed to be a UFO crash.

Roswell incident: 

The US Army Air Forces officers from Roswell Army Air Field recovered balloon debris from a ranch near Corona, New Mexico in 1947. Decades later, the conspiracy theories suggest that the debris involved a flying saucer and the US government covered up the truth.

June 24th:

  • According to aviator Kenneth Arnold, 9  unusual objects reportedly flew over Washington on 24 June in the early 1900s.
  • The objects were described as “saucer-like” or “a big flat disk”, which lead to the creation of the symbol of the imagined alien spacecraft.

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