Syllogism – Solved Examples (Part – 2)

Statements: Some Leaves are Flowers; No Flower is Fruit; Some Fruits are Branches; Some Branches are Stems

Conclusions: Some Leaves are Stems; All leaves are either stems or fruits; All stems are either branches or fruits

Conclusion 1 – Definitely False (Concept 2)

Conclusion 2 – Definitely False

Conclusion 3 – Definitely False (Concept 1)

Answer is None Follows


Statements: All Lions are Tigers; All Tigers are Leopards; Some Leopards are Wolves; No Elephant is Wolve.

Conclusions: No Elephant is Lion; All Wolves being Lion is a Possibility; Some Leopard are Lions


Conclusion 1 – Definitely False (Concept 11)

Conclusion 2 – No relation between wolves and Lion. So it is Possible. (Check Table)

Conclusion 3 – True (Concept 3)

Answer is II and III Follows


Statements: All Keys are Staplers; All staplers are Blades; Some Blades are Erasers; Some Erasers are Sharpners.

Conclusion: Some Sharpners are Keys; All Keys are Blades; All Erasers being Keys is a Possibility.

Conclusion 1 – Definitely False (No Direct Connection) (Concept 2)

Conclusion 2 – True (Concept 3)

Conclusion 3 – No Relation between Erasers and Keys. So it is POSSIBLE. (Refer Table).

Answer is II and III Follows.


Statements: Some Landlords are farmers; All landlords are labours; Some Labours are Traders

Conclusion: Some Labours are Farmers; All Traders being Farmers is Possibility; Some Traders                        are Landlords; Some Landlords are Definitely Farmers.


Conclusion 1 – True

Conclusion 2 – No relation between Traders and Farmers. (Possibility Case). TRUE

Conclusion 3 – No Direct Relation. False

Conclusion 4 – True

Answer is Conclusion I, II, and IV Follow


Statements: Some Bags are Trunks; All Trunks are Shirts; Some Shirts are Books; All Books are                         Shops

Conclusions: All shops are Bags; Some books are Bags; Some shops being shirts is a possibility;                          No shirt is a Bag.

Conclusion 1 – False

Conclusion 2 – False

Conclusion 3 – Given is “Some”. Desired is also “Some”. Its Not Possible. So False.

Conclusion 4 – Definitely False (Negative Conclusion). (All Statements are Positive)

Answer is None Follows



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