Syllogism – Solved Examples

Dear Friends.. I have solved some Syllogism questions here. Please Open the Syllogism Made Easy (Click it) Page in another tab. Compare it. Then as I said in my earlier post you guys can solve 5 questions in just 2 mins. I do in less that two mins. So its possible for you guys too. :-) :-)

Believe me friends.. It is the Easiest Method in Syllogism. All you need is a bit of patience and understanding.

Example 1:

Statements: Some Trains are cars; All Cars are branches; All branches are nets; Some nets are                            dresses.

Conclusions: Some Dresses are Cars; Some Nets are Trains; Some Branches are Trains; Some                              Dresses are Trains.

Step 1: Diagram



 Step 2: Analyzing Conclusions

1 – Some Dresses are Cars – It does not follows – No Direct Connection between Cars and Dress

2 – Some Nets are Trains – It Follows (Check Concept 2)

3 – Some Branches are Trains – It Follows

4 – Some Dresses are Trains – It does not follows – No Direct connection between Dresses and                                                       Trains.


Example 2

Statements: All Stones are Hammers; No Hammer is Ring; Some rings are doors; All doors are                           windows

Conclusions : Some windows are stones; some windows are rings; No window is stone; Some                             rings are stones.

Conclusion 1 – Definitely false (No direct connection)

Conclusion 2 – Definitely True

Conclusion 3 – Definitely False (Check Concept 11)

Conclusion 4 – Definitely False (No direct Connection)

Now Check for Merging Concept. Because More than one statement is false. Conclusion 1 and 3 have same characters. One is positive and another is negative.

So the Answer is Conclusion 2 and Either Conclusion 1 or 3 follows

Example 3

Statements : All Pens are Clocks; Some Clocks are tyres; Some tyres are wheels; Some                                        wheels are buses.

Conclusions: Some Buses are tyres; Some wheels are clocks; Some wheels are pens;                                            Some Buses are Clocks.

Conclusion 1 – Definitely False (Refer Concept 2)

Conclusion 2 – Definitely False

Conclusion 3 – Definitely False

Conclusion 4 – Definitely False



Example 4

Statements: All baskets are Marbles; Some marbles are sticks; No stick is garden

Conclusions: Some Gardens are baskets; Some Sticks are Baskets; No Garden is basket

Conclusion 1 – Definitely False (Concept 2)

Conclusion 2 – Definitely False (Concept 2)

Conclusion 3 – Definitely False (Concept 11)

Now we have to check for Merging Concept. We can merge Conclusion 1 and Conclusion 3.

Answer is Either 1 or 3 Follows

Example 5

Statements: Some Pins are needles; some threads are needles; All needles are Nails; All nails are                      hammers.

Conclusions: Some Pins are Hammers; Some Threads are nails; Some pins are threads; No Pin is                        thread.

Conclusion 1 – It follows (Concept 1)

Conclusion 2 – It follows (Concept 1)

Conclusion 3 – It does not follows (Concept 2)

Conclusion 4 – It does not Follow (Negative Conclusion) (All statements are positive).

Conclusion 3 and Conclusion 4 satisfy the rules of merging Concept. They are of same character; one is positive and another is negative.

Answer is Conclusion 1 and 2 and Either 3 or 4 follows

Example 6

Statements: Some Chairs are rooms; No Room is Sofa; All sofas are tables; Some tables are desks

Conclusions: Some sofas are desks; No room is table; Some chairs are tables; No desk is room

Conclusion 1 – Definitely False (Concept 6)

Conclusion 2 – Definitely False (Concept 10)

Conclusion 3 – Definitely False (Concept 2)

Conclusion 4 – Definitely False (Concept 10)

Merging Concept is not applicable. because it does not follow any rules of Merging Concept. So the Answer is None Follows. 

Example 7

Statements: Some books are papers; Some papers are roads; Some roads are lanes; Some lanes                         are streets.

Conclusions: Some streets are not roads; All lanes being books is a possibility; All streets being                          paper is a possibility; Some roads are definitely books.

Conclusion 1 – Definitely False (Negative Conclusion) (All statements are positive)

Conclusion 2 – No relation between Lanes and Books. But its possibility case. So It follows (Refer                         Possibility table)

Conclusion 3 – Same as above. It follows.

Conclusion 4 – No direct connection. It does not follows.

Answer is II and III Follow

Example 8

Statements: Some roses are petals; All petals are fruits; All fruits are trees; Some trees are                                 flowers.

Conclusions: All trees being roses is a possibility; Some flowers are fruits; All fruits being petals                        is a possibility; All petals are trees.

Conclusion 1 – Give is Some. Desired is All. So it is possible. (Refer Possibility Table). It Follows.

Conclusion 2 – No direct connection. It does not follow. (Refer Concept 2)

Conclusion 3 – Given is Some. Desired is All. It is Possible. (Refer Possibility Table), It Follows.

Conclusion 4 – Yes, Definitely True.

I hope you guys have understood the simple logic behind each examples. Practice more problems. If you have any query, feel free to contact me via Facebook or by mail. If it is possible for you guys, give me some more problems. I will solve it with figure and explanation. I will post that too.


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