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India ranks 136 on World Press Freedom Index, slips three places since 2016

India ranks 136th among 180 countries in the 2017 ‘World Press Freedom Index’ released by Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF) also known as Reporters Without Borders. In 2016 India ranked 133rd on this index.

Highlights of 2017 ‘World Press Freedom Index’:

India’s dismal performance has been attributed to self-censorship which journalists have imposed upon themselves, as they fear that their opinion will be misinterpreted by radical nationalists and consequentially they will be subjected to physical threats and prosecution.

The report specifically mentioned about the internet ban in Kashmir during protests in July 2016.

  • Many African countries, including dictator-ruled Zimbabwe, are ranking higher than India.
  • China ranks 176th and has been described as the “world’s leading prison for citizen journalists”.
  • Russia retained its position at 148th rank, whereas US at 43rd rank had a marginal improvement of 1 spot as compared to 2016.
  • North Korea ranked at the bottom of the Index.
  • Norway ranked first on the index. It replaced Finland which was holding the top spot since past six years.

2017 ‘World Press Freedom Index’ – Top 10 Countries:

Rank Country
1st Norway
2nd Sweden
3rd Finland
4th Denmark
5th Netherlands
6th Costa Rica
7th Switzerland
8th Jamaica
9th Belgium
10th Iceland

2017 ‘World Press Freedom Index’ – India’s Neighbouring Countries:

India’s Neighbouring Country Rank
Bhutan 84th
Nepal 100th
Afghanistan 120th
Pakistan 139th
Sri Lanka 141st
Bangladesh 146th
China 176th

About World Press freedom Index:

  • It was first published in year 2002.
  • It ranks 180 countries in context of freedom available to Press.
  • The methodology to compile the index is based on qualitative inputs (responses of experts to a questionnaire) and quantitative inputs (data on abuses and acts of violence against journalists)

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