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GA Questions Asked In SBI PO MAINS Exam 2023 – December 5

Dear Aspirants, 

As you Know, the “SBI PO Mains Examination 2023” was conducted across the country on 5th December 2023. Affairscloud Team has provided the complete set of General Awareness Questions asked in the SBI PO Mains Examination 2023 in the post below. We hope Aspirants have performed well in the exam.

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GA Questions asked in Exam 50Q:  Collected  43 – Covered 35  – Level: Hard

Current Affairs –  40 Questions

  • Covered – 33
  • Not Covered – 7 (Q11, Q13, Q15, Q17, Q24, Q34 & Q44)
  • Note: Most of the Questions are from Last 3 months.

Current Static Banking & Finance – 1  Questions

  • Covered – 1

Current Static GK – 2  Question

  • Covered – 1
  • Not Covered – 1, Q22

*Total Number Question Covered in APP Quiz : 25

1. What is the target year set by India to achieve 15% of ethanol-blended petrol?- 2023–24 
App Quiz- Nov 26 & 27 2023, Q3

2. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has extended the Payments Infrastructure Development Fund (PIDF) scheme by _________. 2025
App Quiz- Oct 8 & 9, 2023 Q5 

3. Name the 3rd ship in the Project 15B or Visakhapatnam class of the Indian Navy. -INS-Imphal
App Quiz- 22 & 23rd Oct 2023, Q13

4. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Imposed Rs. 5.4 Crore Penalty On ___________.-Paytm Payments Bank
App Quiz- Oct 14, 15 & 16 2023, Q7

5. RBI has expanded the range of products offered through RBI Retail Direct portal by allowing retail investors to subscribe to Floating Rate Savings Bonds , 2020 (Taxable)- FRSB 2020 (T).
For how many years the bonds have been issued?- seven years
App Quiz- In Depth 25 Oct 2023, Q2

6. The 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded for the contributions to attosecond science. 
Few tenths of attoseconds are transpired into how many Quintillions?- (10−18)

7. Question about 2023 Global Crypto Adoption Index released by Chainalysis. India has topped the index (rank 1)
App Quiz- 28 Sept 2023, Q3 

8. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) increased the minimum amount for offering Non-Callable Term Deposits (TDs) from Rs 15 lakh to _______.-Rs 1 crore 
App Quiz- 5 & 6 Nov 2023, Q5

9. RBI issues guidelines for property documents released after loan closure related to the Which Act?- Banking regulation Act
1.Indian contract Act 1872
2.Banking regulation Act
3.RBI Act
4.Negotiable Instrument Act
5.Nation housing Act

10. Which of the following Asean countries are Not in G20?Malaysia 
App Quiz- In Depth 2nd Feb 2023, Q1

11. Which of the following launched India’s first tradeable weather Index?- NCDEX
Content- Not Covered 
Note – Affairscloud missed to add the news, we assure it won’t happen again

12. Which of the following countries are announced Visa Free in October/November 2023?- Thailand, Sri Lanka
App Quiz- Nov 19 & 20 2023, Q19

13. Name the feature that has been launched by the Whatsapp business to book tickets and cabs etc.
a. Whatsapp Blink
B. Whatsapp needs
C. Whatsapp ease
D. Whatsapp Flows
Content- Not covered

14. In October 2023, MoEF&CC launched the Green Credit Program & Ecomark Scheme to Encourage Eco-Friendly Actions.
Which among the following was not True? 
App Quiz- Oct 18 2023, Q1 

15. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has imposed a penalty of Rs 12.19 crore on ICICI Bank for _____________.– non-compliance of certain rules and regulations of the central bank
Content-  Not covered
Note – Affairscloud missed to add the news, we assure it won’t happen again

16. Two balls in the Mastercard logo were in which colour?– Red and Orange
(5 options were given)

17. Sri Lanka has extended the licence of which oil company for 20 years in October 2023?- Indian Oil Corporation 
Content – Not covered
Note – Affairscloud missed to add the news, we assure it won’t happen again

18. The maximum deposit limit for Senior Citizens Savings Scheme(SCSS) has been enhanced to Rs 30 lakh from Rs 15 lakh effective from which date?- 1st April 2023 
App Quiz- Nov 22, 2023, Q1

19. The minimum capital requirements of Foreign Reinsurance Branches (FRBs) have been reduced from____ to____. – 100cr, 50cr
App Quiz- 27 & 28 August 2023, Q8

20. The central pollution board categorises the air quality into good (green), satisfactory (light green), Poor(orange), Very poor( red), Severe( Dark red).
What is the AQI range for poor?
App Quiz- 8th Nov 2022, Q25

21. The Highest increase of Rs 425 rs for the rabi crop season is for which crop?- Lentil (Masur)
App Quiz- Oct 21, 2023, Q1

22. Which Arab–Israeli War is known as the Yom Kippur War?- Fourth
Topic Name- Current Static GK
Content-  Not covered

23. What is the disinvestment target for the fiscal year 2023?
Content- Crack Current affairs – Special CA – Economic Survey 2022-2023 

24. The RBI has asked which type of banks to ensure the presence of at least two Whole Time Directors (WTDs),including the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD & CEO), on their boards?- Private banks and wholly owned subsidiaries of foreign banks
Content-  Not covered
Note – Affairscloud missed to add the news, we assure it won’t happen again

25. Unicorn company investment funding in July- September quarter. InCred & Zepto
App Quiz- 17 Nov 2023, Q7

26. Statement type question about an MoU signed by IBM 
a.India AI,
b.India Semiconductor mission 
c. National supercomputing mission 
App Quiz- Oct 21 2023, Q2

27. India has recently launched the International Big Cat Alliance(IBCA) with the aim of conserving seven major big cat species on Earth.
Which among the following is not included in the big cat?- Caracal
Options- a. Snow leopard, b. Puma, c.Jaguar, D.Cheetah, E.Caracal
App Quiz- April 11 2023, Q2

28. Since 2004, starting with the 35th edition, the International Film Festival of India has become globally competitive and moved to its permanent venue in Goa.
What is the prize money along with citation given for golden peacock award?- Rs.40 lakh

29. The Walk-in / Non-customer can remit upto ______ per transaction to Nepal residing beneficiary.- Rs. 50,000 

30. The validity of the Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) holders has been increased from 5 years to ______years.– 10
App Quiz- Oct 20 2023, Q6

31.The government has set the target of USD 2 trillion export for which year? 2023
App Quiz- April 1 2023, Q12

32. In which Article of Indian Constitution, the Union Budget is referred as the Annual Financial Statement (AFS)?- Article 112
Content- Crack current affairs- special CA – UNION BUDGET 2023 E-Book 
App Quiz- Jan 31 2023, Q29

33. Under the notified changes in the prevention of money laundering( maintenance of records) rules 2005, a person holding what percentage of share will be considered the beneficial owner?- 10%
App Quiz- March 11 2023, Q1

34. Which company will manufacture India’s first homegrown iphone after buying the Wistron plant?- Tata Group
Content- Not covered

35. Statement Question based RBI tokenization.
App Quiz- Oct 8 & 9 2023, Q5

36. CCI Approves Rebalancing of Cross-shareholding Between Renault and Nissan
App Quiz- Oct 28 2023, Q10 

37. The windfall tax for domestically produced crude oil has been increased
Which of the following companies would be affected because of it?
App Quiz- July 9 2023 Q26 & July 26 2023 Q29 (Note – Here we haven’t covered the question asked in exam but by knowing the given quiz the above question can be answered)

38. Mutual funds have moved the RBI to enhance the overall industry limit on overseas equity investment. 
What is the current limit for it?- USD 7 billion

39. PM modi initiated the life initiative in cop 26, the life initiative covers which sustainable goal? 12

40. Temasek Holding is which country’s company?-Singapore
App Quiz- April 11 2023, Q22

41. With regards to Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) , In terms of Number 98.1% of deposit insurance coverage while in terms of amount only ____%  assessable deposits protected.- 46.3%

42. GE-BIZ based in which country?- Singapore
Content –  Not covered

43. Question about portal for Pollution control launched by implementation of National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) in 2021- PRANA (Portal for Regulation of Air-Pollution in Non-Attainment Cities)

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