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GA Questions Asked In IBPS PO Mains Exam 2023 – November 5

Dear Aspirants, 

As you Know, the “IBPS PO Mains Exam 2023” was conducted across the country on November 5 2023. Affairscloud Team has provided the complete set of General Awareness Questions asked in the IBPS PO Mains Exam 2023 in the post below. We hope Aspirants have performed well in the exam.

Self Analysis

GA Questions asked in Exam 40Q:  38 Collected  – 34 Covered   – Level: Easy to Medium

Current Affairs –  33 Questions

  • Covered – 29
  • Not Covered – 4 (Q19, Q26, Q31, Q35)
  • Note: Most of the Questions are from Last 3  months.

Current Static Banking & Finance –   3 Questions

  • Covered – 3

Current Static GK –  2 Question

  • Covered – 2

*Total Number Question Covered in APP Quiz : 25

1. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has launched a Psyche Spacecraft  Psyche mission to a unique metal-rich asteroid orbiting the Sun between ________(Planets).- Mars and Jupiter
App Quiz- October 18 2023, Q10

2. Who chaired the 8-member Committee on ‘One Nation One Election’ formed by GoI?- Former President Ram Nath Kovind
App Quiz- 3 & 4th Sept, 2023, Q7

3. Name the UNESCO 42nd World Heritage Site.- Sacred Ensembles of the Hoysalas (Karnataka)
App Quiz- Sept 20, 2023, 

4. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for FY24 to _____ and for FY25 to ______. – 5.9% & 6.3%
App Quiz- April 13, 2023, Q10

5. The construction of India’s First 3D-Printed Post Office Building was carried out by _________ with technological support from__________. – L&T and IIT Madras
App Quiz- August 20 & 21, 2023, Q2 

6. Which company has introduced Pincode on India’s Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) Platform?- Phonepe
App Quiz- April 5, 2023, Q5 

7. The Reserve Bank of India has decided to discontinue the incremental Cash Reserve Ratio (I-CRR) in a phased manner,  ____ released on September 9,2023, another ____ would be released on September 23,2023 and the balance _____ would be released on October 7, 2023.- 25%, 25%, 50%

8. Which of the following companies are Top 2 Stock Brokers? – Zeroda angel and grow
App Quiz- March 10, 2023, Q3

9. O stands for what in GLOF- Glacial Lake Outburst Flood.– Outburst 

10. Indian-origin scientist Joyeeta Gupta honoured with NWO Spinoza Prize 2023 for which field?- Climate Change field
App Quiz- June 9th, 2023, Q9

11. _______ percent of the Viability Gap Funding (VGF) project cost was contributed by the Indian government.– 40%
App Quiz- – Sept 8th 2023, Q1

12. Which country use the Iron Dome defence system?- Israel 
App Quiz- Nov 3 2023, Q10

13. Regulator of Public General insurance companies – IRDAI

14. The 3rd global initiative led by India Involvement after  ISA, CDRI –  Biofuels Alliance

15. Tax Share between Centre and State by _______.- Finance Commission
App Quiz- Static Banking Awareness course – Banking sectors Acts – Important committee in Indian Banking sector Part -1, Question No- 5 

16. Which company has received the RBI approval to acquire up to a 9.99% paid-up share capital in IndusInd Bank Limited?- SBI Funds Management Limited (SBIFML) 
App Quiz- Oct 13 2023, Q9

17. Type of issues are made in the Primary Market.Public/Right/Bonus.
App Quiz- 

18. What is the Theme of EASE 5.0?

19. Longpi Pottery of which state?- Manipur
Content- Not covered

20. Which of the following is the Parameters of RBI-DPI in India?

21. The Nobel Peace Prize is Awarded in?- Oslo, Norway
App Quiz– October 10, 2023, Q7

22. BIS official application which provide authenticity of HallMark?- BIS Care
App Quiz- March 14, 2023, Q6

23. Which of the following are Shareholders in a tokenization transaction? Merchant/Card Issuer/Customer/Account Aggregator 

24. Which of the following is Not the DPI ecosystem of India?Aadhar/ Digilocker/E kuber/ UPI-E kuber

25. State Bank India (RBI) to enrol in Which based social security schemes through digital channel?- Aadhaar
App Quiz- 26th August 2023, Q28

26. Which month is the Highest GST from April to September?– April
Content- Not covered (Data varies as it changes every month, when it is taken under consideration it gives more repeated information)

27. SIDBI signed an MoU with IPPB programme for __________.- Financial Support to MSMEs in Remote Areas
App Quiz- Oct 14,15 & 16 2023, Q9

28. Which of the following launched India’s first Number less credit  card? – Axis Bank and Fibe Partner
App Quiz- Oct 12, 2023, Q4

29. New sports are added in Los Angeles (Summer Olympics) 2028, Which of the following is not? – Billards
App Quiz- October 20 2023, Q12


31. What is India’s rank in the Crude Oil Refining? – 4th
Content- Not covered

32. Distance between Nagapattinam port to Kankesanthurai in Sri Lanka.- 60 nautical miles
App Quiz- 8 & 9th October 2023, Q22

33. Russian Cosmonaut ____________ , who holds the record for the longest spaceflight of 437 days- Valeri Polyakov
App Quiz-Oct 4, 2022, Q24 

34. NPS Preference Index by- HDFC Pension
App Quiz- Oct 4, 2023, Q3 

35. Which company has introduced generative AI to search in India, Japan?- Google
Content- Not covered

36. Which of the following banks is an official Partner of the Athletics federation of India to support women athletes? – HSBC
App Quiz- August 31 2023, Q14 

37. Name the company that has been named as the official sponsor of the Indian Contingent for the 19th Asian Games 2022. – Amul 
App Quiz- Sept 6 2023, Q19

Topic Name- 
App Quiz- Oct 5 2023 Q7, Q27 Spet, Q7 

*Rest of the Questions will be added soon!

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