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Descriptive Writing – Essay For SBI PO Set 5

Dear Aspirants,

As you all know that SBI PO exam is near.One of the most important parts of this Exam is Descriptive Writing that test Your writing skills, here we are providing you ESSAY/LETTER WRITING Which are asked in the SBI PO Exam.

Pros and Cons of eCommerce

The Information technology has given new concept of marketing in which buyer and seller do not see each other face to face nor see the goods physically; the whole transaction is carried out with the help of ‘online’ communication. The entire deal is carried out with the help of computer, mobile and internet.
Customers know about goods and services sitting at home. The manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and services providers let the consumers know about their products quality, price, size, color etc. through multi-colored catalogues on website means in an electronic mode which is known as eCommerce. The websites are available beside for goods for direct selling, context selling, financial and other services such as hospitals, education, training, advertise­ments, property, entertainment, product demonstrations, bill payment, exchange and all other ser­vices which one can think of.

It literally speeds up the buying process because when someone thinks of buying one specific product from the physical store which is very far and not easily available. One of the online business benefits which will enhance your online shopping experience. It is because every purchase made online will be referred as per location and recommended as per customers advanced searches. One of the factors which can benefit in eCommerce is that by hiring employees is affordable. It is like you can choose to outsource your task and work to your virtual assistants in different countries. It has so many positive recommendations which can give more values to your eCommerce website and help customers to build more trust over a particular product. It can help you to be clear and more visible about the product that helps you with more product selection too. It has more flexibility over the regular store because the services are available 24/7 and though helps to serve you the services at any time and anyplace.

It is kind of consumer feeling that consumer can’t feel and touch the product. Sometimes no matter how good a product is explained and expressed you will not be able to sense the touch, smell, taste, and sound, through the dimensionality of a screen. This is what makes eCommerce sometime in a situation where customer faces bit trust issues over products. One of the biggest problems with buying things online is that you will have no guarantee of a products’ quality. Reviews are not always helpful and though all the researches will never assure you about the quality of a product. E-commerce sites record all the important details about the customers which are to be kept secure because it includes details like name, phone no, address, and bank details. If in these case sites don’t implement rigorous cybersecurity quantity. E-commerce is the store which totally runs on the internet and though it needs a good connection to run the business online. If you are not the good bandwidth connection than you might face issue with placing the orders, loading pages, and check out issues too. Site crash issue is one of the problems where you have to reckon the service to get online again because when you talk about eCommerce store, they face issue with servers sometimes which causes lots of problem on sales.

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