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Descriptive Writing – Essay For IBPS PO Set 4

Dear Aspirants,

As you all know that  IBPS PO exam is near.One of the most important parts of this Exam is Descriptive Writing that test Your writing skills, here we are providing you ESSAY/LETTER WRITING Which are asked in the IBPS PO Exam.

 Reservation in India

The structure of reservation in India comprises  of measures, such as reserving seats in the various legislatures,  government jobs, enrollment in higher educational institutions etc. The reservation promotes the historically disadvantaged castes and tribes, listed as Scheduled Castes and Scheduled tribes (SCs and STs) by the Government of India and also those designated as Other Backwards Classes (OBCs). The reservation is undertaken to address the historic oppression, inequality and discrimination faced by those communities and to give these communities a place. It is intended to realise the promise of equality enshrined in the Constitution by its framers. As the Constitution prohibits untouchability and requires the state to make special provision for the betterment of the SCs and STs.

People belonging to Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes are mostly poor and uneducated. Most of them have to do menial jobs or have to work as landless  and bonded laborers. They are been tormented and neglected by the society. The economically better people started keeping them away from the main social stream. Hence , the need for giving  them reservation was the need of the hour. These are the real people who will be benefited from reservation and their castes and tribes would make the nation proud. Reservation is its inevitable repercussion. It is not an injustice to anyone but a justice to those who have been discarded by the society in the most abominable way.

Implementation of Caste-based reservation was a requirement years back but with the development India over the years, it has more disadvantageous. One of the major disadvantage is ‘brain drain’. A deserving student, who is hardworking, intelligent does not get opportunities on his merits because of the reservation quotas which naturally makes him find other options and turning away from India for a better future.

Education is the only remedy which would bring number of changes among the deprived class. It would strengthen democratic trends and  the economic programmes in the long run. When some are not ‘more equal’ but all are ‘equally equal’ there would be no need of reservation.

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