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Descriptive Writing – Essay For IBPS PO Set 14

Dear Aspirants,

As you all know that  IBPS PO exam is near.One of the most important parts of this Exam is Descriptive Writing that test Your writing skills, here we are providing you ESSAY/LETTER WRITING Which are asked in the IBPS PO Exam.

Best Mock Test Series for IBPS PO Exam

Role of Media in Good Governance

Media is the most important vital element for dissemination of information , it stands for all the agencies which are focussed on presenting the information to the people. It is often referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy. The role of the media in promoting good governance is clear. All aspects of good governance are facilitated by a strong and independent mediascape within a society. Only when journalists are free to monitor, investigate and criticize the public administration’s policies and actions can good governance take hold. Independent media are like a beacon that should be welcomed when there is nothing to hide and much to improve. The role of media has become extremely critical for smooth functioning of democracy as it helps in forming public opinion on vital topics. All forms of media have a specific set of followers and therefore, they together ensure a better governance.

The evolution of media is a fascinating journey. Print media was responsible for conveying information regarding freedom struggle of great leaders. It continues to remain popular despite fierce competition and is still the preferred medium for reaching out to masses as well as classes.On the other hand, the Radio is a simple medium that is portable as well. Radio wields its influence greatly in rural areas where a majority may not know how to read or write. Television is a phenomenon that continues to grab the maximum eyeballs. It’s a well established fact that visual medium does have the greatest impact. The presentation and the catchy visuals do ensure that a large part of the country is tuned in for entertainment as well as information. The latest medium is the Internet that combines the audio and visual effects to reach out to millions of users worldwide.

In a democracy like ours, media can also help voters with the contents of civic and political education and strengthen the culture of democracy. This suggests that free access to information on matters of public importance has become a core of the governing process. In a developing country such as India, media has a great responsibility to fight the backward ideas such as superstition, casteism and communalism. It also needs to help people in their struggle against poverty and other social evils. Since a large section of people is backward and ignorant, it is responsibility of the media to bring modern ideas to them and remove their ignorance.

A lot of governments across the world have faced charges of corruption highlighted by media and that has often led to either overthrowing of corrupt administration or bringing in more transparency into the system. Hence, the fourth estate can help in efficacy to the existing scheme of things as well.

The journey of India from a developing nation to a developed one will depend a lot on the role played by the media in the country. It needs to focus on the real issues, which are mostly social and economic in nature, instead to trying to divert the attention to the non-issues. The checks and balances which media ensures by reporting issues in an objective manner can go a long way in ensuring that governance by government would be fair and fruitful.

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