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Current Affairs Quiz – May 11 2017

AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily current affairs quiz May 11 to achieve more marks in Banking , insurance, UPSC, SSC,CLAT ,railway  and all other competitive Exams.We have prepared the current affairs quiz from our current affairs today updates.

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  1. Annual hunting festival ‘Bishu Parv’, is observed by tribal community living in which wildlife sanctary?
    1.Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, Chhattisgarh
    2.Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam
    3.Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    4.Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Jharkhand
    5.Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 4.Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Jharkhand
    Explanation :
    The hunting festival ‘Bishu Parv’ or ‘Sendra’ was observed in Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Jharkhand. The festival remained bloodless for the third consecutive year owing to an awareness campaign launched by the forest department to observe the hunting festival in a symbolic manner.

  2. With an eye on greater revenue generation and providing better facilities to visiting tourists, Uttar Pradesh State Government has decided to merge the local body of Mathura with ________ and local body of Ayodhya with _________
    1.local body of Mathura with Noida and local body of Ayodhya with Faizabad
    2.local body of Mathura with Vrindavan and local body of Ayodhya with Sitapur
    3.local body of Mathura with Vrindavan and local body of Ayodhya with Rampur
    4.local body of Mathura with Vrindavan and local body of Ayodhya with Faizabad
    5.local body of Mathura with Jaunpur and local body of Ayodhya with Faizabad
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer –4.local body of Mathura with Vrindavan and local body of Ayodhya with Faizabad
    Explanation :
    During a cabinet meeting, Uttar Pradesh government decided that the municipal bodies of both the holy twin towns would be merged so that there is holistic development of the entire area beyond the two cities. The two new local bodies would be Mathura-Vrindavan Nagar Nigam and Ayodhya Nagar Nigam.

  3. Aadhaar has been made mandatory for applying for Permanent Account Number (PAN) with effect from:
    1.June 1, 2017
    2.July 1, 2017
    3.August 1, 2017
    4.September 1, 2017
    5.October 1, 2017
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 2.July 1, 2017
    Explanation :
    The Income Tax Department has launched an e-facility to link Aadhaar with Permanent Account Number (PAN), a mandatory procedure for filing IT returns now. The department’s e-filing website has created the link on its homepage.

  4. Which among the following has been ranked world’s most affordable tech city as per Savills Tech Cities 2017 rankings?
    1.Bengaluru, India
    2.Buenos Aeries, Argentina
    3.Coepnhagen, Denmark
    4.Cape Town, South Africa
    5.Santiago, Chile
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1.Bengaluru
    Explanation :
    As per Savills Tech Cities 2017 rankings, Bengaluru has been adjudged as the most affordable tech city having the lowest cost of living out of 22 tech cities across the world. The mainstream weekly residential rent in Bengaluru is $236 which is much cheaper as compared to all 22 tech cities average of $368.

  5. India has decided to replace the Maitri research station in Antarctica with a new one in the next three to four years. The name Maitri was suggested by:
    1.Rajiv Gandhi
    2.Indira Gandhi
    3.Morarji Desai
    4.P V Narsimha Rao
    5.Atal Bihari Vajpayee
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 2.Indira Gandhi
    Explanation :
    Madhavan Nair Rajeevan, Secretary of Ministry of Earth Sciences has mentioned that Maitri station will be replaced by a new station in the next three to four years. He also mentioned that India is poised to expand its research activity in Antarctica and a new ship, with special ice-cutting facility, will be procured for the purpose.

  6. With which country, India held two-day Maritime Security Dialogue to exchange views on maritime developments in Asia-Pacific & Indian Ocean Region?
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1.US
    Explanation :
    During the two-day India-US Maritime Security Dialogue in Rhode Island, US, top Indian and American officials exchanged views on maritime developments in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Besides reviewing the implementation of the decisions taken at the first Maritime Security Dialogue, the officials also discussed ways to strengthen bilateral maritime security cooperation.

  7. In a bid to keep a check on “errant” NGOs, especially those receiving foreign funding, Union Home Ministry has asked as many as 5,845 organisations to open their accounts in banks having core banking facilities. Currently there are __________ active NGOs in India
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 4.24000
    Explanation :
    This decision was taken as it was detected that most of the NGOs have accounts in cooperative banks or State Govt. banks, which do not have core banking facility. Without core banking, security agencies cannot have real-time access to relevant information. Currently there are around 24,000 active NGOs in India as compared to 40,000 in 2014-15.

  8. DIPAM, under Union Finance Ministry has set up an Investor Facilitation Platform that will provide information about stocks of public sector units. Abbreviation DIPAM stands for:
    1.Department of Investment and Priority Account Management
    2.Department of Investment and Pooled Account Management
    3.Department of Investment and Public Account Management
    4.Department of Investment and Pooled Asset Management
    5.Department of Investment and Public Asset Management
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 5.Department of Investment and Public Asset Management
    Explanation :
    Set up by the Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM), the platform will be an interactive forum for all stakeholders, including investors, investment banks, law firms, public sector units and administrative ministries that are involved in stake sales. Developed and maintained by PRIME Database, all users will have to register on the platform, which will then be authorised by DIPAM.

  9. Which entity has come up with a new home loan product ‘Griha Siddhi’?
    1.LIC Housing Fianance
    2.Dewan Housing Finance
    3.Housing Development Finance Corporation
    4.ICICI Bank
    5.Bank of Baroda
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1.LIC Housing Finance
    Explanation :
    LIC Housing Finance has come up with a new home loan product ‘Griha Siddhi’ to match State Bank of India’s recent move to cut interest rate on homes loans in the affordable housing segment by up to 25 basis points. For home loans up to Rs.1 crore, the interest rate will be 8.50 per cent.

  10. RBI has restricted which of the following loss making bank to open new branches and hire new staff?
    1.Federal Bank
    2.IDBI Bank
    3.Indian Bank
    4.IndusInd Bank
    5.Bank of India
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 2.IDBI Bank
    Explanation :
    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has initiated ‘prompt corrective action’ on IDBI Bank which will restrict bank from hiring, opening branches and giving big ticket loans. The directions from the RBI are aimed at ensuring that the bank takes measures to cut down its losses by reducing expenses and recovering problem loans.

  11. India’s first International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) at Gujarat International Finance-Tec City (GIFT) has entered into an agreement with which entity to collaborate on efforts for Skill Development in the field of International Financial Services & Regulations.
    1.NITI Ayog
    2.IIM –Ahmedabad
    3.Gujarat National Law University (GNLU)
    4.Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
    5.Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 3.Gujarat National Law University (GNLU)
    Explanation :
    Under the memorandum of understanding (MoU), GNLU will introduce a new course on International Financial Services Centre from its June 2017 Semester. It will also organise a program for Lawyers covering IFSC, International Arbitration and related fields.

  12. Who among the following has received ‘Woodrow Wilson Award’ for global corporate citizenship?
    1.Shikha Sharma
    2.Indra Nooyi
    3.Arundhati Bhattacharya
    4.Chanda Kochhar
    5.Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 4.Chanda Kochhar
    Explanation :
    Chanda Kochhar, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ICICI Bank became the first Indian woman to be conferred with the prestigious Woodrow Wilson Award for Global Corporate Citizenship. The award was conferred by Woodrow Wilson Centre on May 10, 2017 in Washington DC, US. Ms. Kochhar received this award for demonstrating a commitment to the common good beyond the bottom line.

  13. Who among the following has been appointed as United Nations’ new humanitarian aid chief by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres?
    1.Stephen Whittam
    2.Joel Breeze
    3.Mark Lowcock
    4.Nigel Clive
    5.John Artherton
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 3.Mark Lowcock
    Explanation :
    Mark Lowcock, the head of Britain’s International Development Department, has been appointed as United Nations’ new humanitarian aid chief by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Mr. Lowcock will replace Stephen O’Brien. Lowcock will be the 4th British national to hold post of UN Humanitarian Chief since year 2007.

  14. On May 10, 2017, Government approved the appointment of _______ as the next defence secretary of India.
    1.Sanjay Mitra
    2.Manish Surana
    3.Kailash Menon
    4.Nishant Awasthi
    5.Mukul Bajwa
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1.Sanjay Mitra
    Explanation :
    Mitra, who was holding the charge of secretary in the ministry of road transport and highways till now, has been appointed officer-on-special-duty in the defence ministry and will assume charge on May 24, 2017 when incumbent G Mohan Kumar retires.

  15. Which among the following metro services has announced to employ 23 members from the transgender community?
    1.Bengaluru Metro
    2.Delhi Metro
    3.Noida Metro
    4.Kochi Metro
    5.Kolkata Metro
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 4.Kochi Metro
    Explanation :
    Kochi Metro is set to formally appoint transgenders for jobs. Out of the 530 Kudumbasree workers at 11 stations in Kochi Metro’s Aluva-Palrivattom corridor, 23 will be from the transgender community. The duties allotted to transgenders will range from handling the ticket counter to housekeeping works.

  16. Senior Pakistan Foreign Service officer ____________ has been designated as Pakistan’s new High Commissioner to India
    1.Tariq Anwar
    2.Maqsood Ali
    3.Javed Haq
    4.Basit Akhtar
    5.Sohail Mahmood
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 5.Sohail Mahmood
    Explanation :
    Sohail Mahmood joined Pakistan Foreign Service in year 1985. He holds masters degrees in History and International Relations. His first posting abroad was in Pakistan Embassy Ankara, Turkey, where he served from 1991-1994.

  17. Which entity has signed a non-exclusive term sheet to acquire FreeCharge, the digital payments platform?
    1.ICICI Bank
    2.Airtel Payments Bank
    4.Larsen & Toubro
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 3.Paytm
    Explanation :
    Alibaba Group-backed Paytm has signed a non-exclusive term sheet to acquire rival FreeCharge, the digital payments platform owned and operated by beleaguered online marketplace Snapdeal, in what is expected to be an all-cash deal.

  18. In May 2017, which stealth frigate of Indian Navy sailed to UK to mark ‘UK India Year of Culture’ and the 200th anniversary of Britain’s Indian-made warship HMS Trincomalee?
    1.INS Trishul
    2.INS Tarkash
    3.INS Teg
    4.INS Tabar
    5.INS Trikand
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 2.INS Tarkash
    Explanation :
    INS Tarkash had arrived at its final docking point in Britain – on the river Thames at West India Docks in London’s Canary Wharf – to mark UK India Year of Culture and the 200th anniversary of Britain’s Indian-made warship HMS Trincomalee, the world’s oldest warship which was built at the Bombay Dockyard in 1817.

  19. Which internet-based interface has been launched by Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Ministry for welfare and development of agricultural stakeholders in India?
    1.e-Krishi Samvad
    2.e-Krishi Charcha
    3.e-Krishi Nivaran
    4.e-Krishi Samadhan
    5.e-Krishi Mitr
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer –1.e-Krishi Samvad 
    Explanation :
    On May 11, 2017, Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Radha Mohan Singh, launched e-Krishi Samvad  at Krishi Bhawan in New Delhi for welfare and development of agricultural stakeholders in India. e-Krishi Samvad is internet-based interface that will provide actionable and effective solutions to the problems faced by farmers and stakeholders in the agriculture sector.

  20. Who among the following has won a bronze medal in 80-kg category at Asian Wrestling Championship?
    1.Narsingh Yadav
    2.Sandeep Tomar
    3.Harpreet Singh
    4.Yogeshwar Dutt
    5.Praveen Rana
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 3.Harpreet Singh
    Explanation :
    On the opening day of the Asian Wrestling Championship, Harpreet Singh bagged a bronze medal in Greco-Roman 80kg category. Harpreet bagged his second successive bronze medal at the Asian Championship after defeating Junjie Na of China 3-2.

  21. What was the 2017 theme of ‘National Technology Day’, observed in India on May 11, 2017?
    1.Technology for National Security
    2.Technology for Self-Sufficiency
    3.Technology for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth
    4.Technology for Environment Conservation
    5.Technology for Energy Security
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 3.Technology for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth
    Explanation :
    Technology Day commemorates India’s success in using science and technology to address the challenges facing the country. On May 11, 1998 the Pokhran test was conducted. Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee declared India a full-fledged nuclear state after operation ‘Shakti’ and it made India the 6th country to join the Nuclear Club.

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