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China launches Gaofen-14 – Earth Observation Satellite from XSLC

On December 6, 2020, China National Space Administration (CNSA) successfully launched Gaofen-14, a New Earth Observation Satellite from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre (XSLC) in Southwest China’s Sichuan province. The Satellite was sent into orbit by Long March-3B/G5 Carrier Rocket.  This was the first use of the G5 version of the Long March-3B launch vehicle which features a longer fairing.

i.The launch is the 354th Flight of the Long March Carrier Rocket series.

ii.Gaofen is a series of Chinese High-resolution Earth Observation Satellites for China’s High-Resolution Earth Observation System (CHEOS).

Key Points:

i.Gaofen-14 is an optical stereo mapping satellite which is capable of obtaining high precision stereo images globally.

ii.The satellite will be used for large scale digital topographic maps, producing digital elevation models, digital surface models and digital orthophoto images and provides basic geographic information.

iii.The Geographic data obtained from the satellite will be used to realize projects under the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

iv.The satellite will operate in the Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO) at 500 km altitude. This is the first time that the Long March-3B launch vehicle is being used for an SSO Launch.

Gaofen series:

i.The Gaofen project is one of the 16 major projects of China which are aimed at boosting China’s self-reliance in accessing high-resolution earth observation data.

ii.The First of the Gaofen series satellites was launched in 2013.

Recent Related News:

i.China has successfully sent 13 satellites viz. 3 Chinese and 10 customer’s satellites, into orbit through the Long March 6 rocket’s 351 flight which was lifted off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, ShanxiProvince, China.

About China:
President – Xi Jinping
Currency – Renminbi (RMB)
Capital – Beijing

About China National Space Administration (CNSA):
Director – Zhang Kejian
Headquarters – Beijing, China

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